Thursday, June 08, 2006

Jon Stewart is my hero!
...and this is a fine example of why!


dirk.mancuso said...

Go John.

Geez, it really baffles me how people can decide to oppress one group or another out of fear and hate.

Life is too short for that crap.

Larry said...

Way cool Jim! Amazes me how ignorant and close minded people can be. I can't believe someone thinks they have the right to prevent two people who love each other from getting married. I still have trouble accepting that they have "found" it constitutional to do it so far. I've always believed marriage to be a religeous ceremony and government has no right to but in. If anything, "Civil Unions" are government functions, but not marriage. Two consenting adults, your church, and that's all. NO GOVERNMENT NEEDED!

I can see needing laws regarding pre-nups & divorce, but that's about it for me. I hope there's no bullshit like this when I am ready to propose. Yes, I am the marrying kind of bear here! ;)