Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Workout Update

I've added treadmill to my routine now. Just a little walking in place, right? What's the big fucking deal, huh?

Tonight I pulled a "George Jetson" and fell off the back end of it. Yes, backwards and into a rowing machine that was behind me, minding its own bidness. I ended up on my face six feet behind the treadmill.

Thank God no one was directly behind me. I would have killed them.

My left knee is a little twisted, my left shin is slightly swollen, and I think I wrenched my lower back.

Good times!


Anonymous said...

Take care big guy...or else u end upp in the emergensyroom...and thats not too fun...I can tell u!

hugs n kisses


Mel said...

I have always been afraid I would do that. Hope your back is ok!

Ice John's World said...

Hope that you are alright, Jimmy. That accident was no joking stuff. I saw several incidents like that before in the gym and people did get hurt. Start slowly and do not push too hard too fast. Good luck and hope that your back is alright.

Anonymous said...

My english realy do suck :(