Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Mop Up 8/10/08

It's the end of the day. I've had a shitty weekend. I got really sick yesterday afternoon with a sinus headache that felt like someone was stepping on my head. I've wasted two glorious days feeling like crap, and I have to go back to work tomorrow. Great. This is my end of the week Sunday Mop Up. Now, even lamer than usual!

The Olympics

Okay, just let me get this off my chest. I saw parts of the Opening Ceremonies Friday night and what I witnessed was AMAZING! To call it "beautiful" does not do it justice. People flew like fairies, calligraphy was drawn, like magic, on a big unraveling scroll. Lights and fireworks and magic and spectacle were EVERYwhere. 2008 drummers played, in unison, like one single entity. Do you understand that I found it impressive? For I surely did. China out "Hollywood"-ed every Olympic ceremony that came before, and set the bar for every future ceremony to come. But, I have something more important to say:

Fuck you, China!

and, more importantly:

Fuck you, Olympic Committee that allowed China to host the games this year! Fuck you hard!

The ceremonies, rife with pageantry and color and wonder, were nothing more than a Marketing Opportunity for this communist regime to woo the greedy western corporate machine and make us all believe that they are a welcoming economic resource and deserve a place at the table with the democracies of the world.

Fuck you.

Don't parade a plethora of costume-wearing children in front of me, all smiles and waves, and expect me to forget about your pathetic record of Human Rights atrocities and violations. Don't think that I didn't watch the proceedings and wonder how many thousands of people busted their asses for little-to-no money so that you could put lipstick on that pig. I heard commentators mention that, during rehearsals, performers were admonished to "Smile More! Look Happy!" by the producers and directors of the ceremonies.

Sure, fuck you, China. But more: fuck you Olympic Committee for giving them the chance to blow smoke up the world's ass. Hosting these events should be an honor bestowed upon countries who work to give Human and Civil Rights a chance to flourish. I think it was a sin to allow China this opportunity. They do not deserve it.

So, I applaud the amazing work done by the people of China during the ceremonies. And, I root for all athletes in these competitions. And I am disgusted by what the Olympics have turned into.

moving on...

Skinny Jeans

I went to the clothes store for the Portly & Piggly today and bought myself a new pair of jeans for work. I am happy to report that I bought a pair THREE sizes smaller in the waist than what I was wearing earlier in the year. That's six inches, folks! In fact, I was able to put on, zip up AND button a pair that was FOUR sizes smaller in the waist (eight inches!), but they looked a little lumpy on me. It's cool. Those bitches will be my NEXT britches!

I had so much fun goofing around with the sales staff, that the assistant manager offered me a part-time job with them on weekends. Can you say 30% employee discount? She said that they are always looking for lively and fun people to work there, and when she found out that I once worked for them part-time years ago, she pressed an application into my hand.

Oh, she also managed to open the dressing room door on me as I was trying on the jeans. I told her that she HAD to hire me now, or I was going to file a complaint on her. We laughed.

I'm thinking about the idea. A job on the weekends could mean an extra $300-$350 bucks a month towards bills, and keep me thinking about my body more and more. Plus, it's fun to pretend that I know what the hell I'm talking about with fashion. I can bullshit, ya know!

We'll see...


ravn said...

I do hope youre headache is gone..*kiss on the forehead*

Grant Miller said...

China is about as communist, in the true, economic definition, as I am. Which is to say, not at all.

Ice John's World said...

Hope that you feel better now. And enjoy the time of shopping the clothes for your new lean down body! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new jean size, Jim! And yeah, China sucks (well, the government. Not the people.. for the most part)...