Sunday, August 07, 2011

What I'm Listening To This Summer


I fancy myself an audiophile. I like keeping up on what's out there and discovering new bands and fresh music.

Somehow or another I missed a BIGGIE.

Have you heard Elbow? They are British, they've been around for years, and they are adored in the U.K. Their sound is orchestral, dense, deep, and beautiful. I was only just introduced this summer. Proof I'm not NEARLY as hip as I think I am. Humbling, it is.

I'm going to post some clips now. They released a new album in March titled "Build a Rocket Boys!" Guy Garvey, the singer and lyricist, just blows my head off. Click on these, turn the sound up, and LISTEN!

Here's a clip that is a live version of a track off their last record "Seldom Seen Kid" that was recorded with the BBC Orchestra and the Chantage Choir. This is "One Day Like This":

And, lest you think these guy's can't ROCK, I'll post one more:

How refreshing is it to see a band that isn't a manufactured cliche?

Man, I LOVE these guys. I encourage you to search for more clips on YouTube (there are MANY) and maybe pick up a record. You know, BUY one.

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