Sunday, October 21, 2007

Blown Outta The Water

Look, I just spent an hour and a half writing a post, and Blogger chose to eat its ass out and now it is nowhere to be seen.

Didn't even autosave it, like it claims it does.

I'm now in a foul mood and uninterested in rebuilding the little gem of a post that I had constructed.

Screw it. I'll try again another time.


Lisa is doing fine, but has a connection issue with the appliance (?). It's gonna take some time to get it figured out.

I got told by a punk/thug at MacDonald's to drive away from the drive thru, because he "doesn't give a fuck". I'm meeting with the store manager on Monday to discuss said punk's big, stupid mouth.

I loathe teenagers.

Jimmy's jukebox is freshly loaded with some new stuff, including the most sick and twisted co-dependent love song ever written in the 60s. I've included the original and a badass cover version.

That's all I can manage for now.


Anonymous said...

He told you what??!? Let me at him! I'll kick his ass!!!
Of course, confrontation was never my "thing", so I'll have Mel do it for me...
Man, is he toast. Sucks to be him, when Mel gets through with him....

Chaylene said...

I hate when blogger gives me the tossed salad.

And I read "autosave" as "autosLave" at first.

Ice John's World said...

Sorry to hear what happened to you in McDonald. Some young kids today just completely have no manners.