Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Food Finds!

Was at the convenience store yesterday and saw a big display of this:

I'm not EVEN kidding. As if tomato juice isn't disgusting enough of its own, some genius paired it with clam juice WAY back when just to up the gross factor. And now THIS! Someone in Anheuser-Bush's marketing department needs to stop dropping acid. I literally shrieked when I saw this stuff on display.

"They say it's like a Bloody Mary," the cashier told me.

"More like a Dry Heave Hannah!" I replied.

Let's see what the judges have to say:

Can't say I'm surprised...

Also, while researching the above atrocity on the web, I came across this little beverage sold in Japan:

Yum! Cucumber flavored Pepsi! Not kidding, it's sold in Japan. Let's go to the judges again...

Well, that's unfortunate. I thought it might be the perfect accompaniment with sushi. Back to the drawing board, buddies!

And, finally, there's a pepper sauce from Ghana that seems to be quite popular in that part of the world:

Be sure and ask for it by name!

Okay, I'm outta here. Have a great weekend!


Dick Small said...

You have a good weekend too, Jim!, if you're still "talking" to me, that is...

jimmycity said...

Once a Dickaholic,always a Dickaholic, my friend!

g-man said...

Thatns for the parting images. :/

Have a good weekend.

jimmycity said...

G-Man: If you Google Images "guy puking", you find some amazing stuff. Although, I'm pretty sure that last pic was a chick cuz what she is expelling is color-coordinated with her outfit.

How can a guy as old as I am be as immature as I am?

Mel said...

has Jen seen that first one the beer and clamato juice?? Hilarious!

I personally could have just visualized puke in my head, I dont even like looking at pictures of it!! Yuk. I could never be bulimec.

jimmycity said...


Can we just chalk it up to my inappropriate sense of humor and pretend like it never happened?

I'll try to behave myself, but I can't make any promises. It's that "immaturity" thing, ya know?

g-man said...

I have searched for that before (To be used in Photoshop to make a joke picture of a colleague) and used the first one you posted. How funny.

I think you are right on the chick part.