Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Mop Up 07/20/08

Welcome to the end of my week, where I endeavor to catch you up on all the little shit going on in my world. I call it my "Sunday Mop Up", when sometimes it just seems like a quick scrub of a toilet bowl.

Guess Who Is Depressed


Care To Guess Why?

Cuz I'm a baby? That's the conventional wisdom. DQ has been in Virginia for a week and I think I am missing him and I am suspecting that he's having a great time and has already forgotten my name. When we first met, he thought my name was "Joe", by the way. Put it in his phone that way.

Big Vacation Starts On Thursday

I'm going to Oklahomo City for a big Big Man's event. It will be my first time attending. Lots of guys my size and lots of guys into guys my size. I'm struggling at this point to get my work caught up and done ahead so that I can take a week and not worry about what is happening at the workplace. Maybe I'll be excited about it all once I am on the road and pointed in that direction. Right now all I can fret about is all the crap I need to get done in order to go.

There will be pool parties, dances, mixers, dinners and barbecues. It's fat guys, so you KNOW food will be featured and displayed prominently. I'm taking my laptop so that I can broadcast live via webcam to a fat guy website that I visit regularly. Also will have my awesome digital camera, so I intend on snapping lots of pictures. We'll see if any of them will be tame enough to share with you after all is said and done. I make no promises.

I hope it will be worth all the money it is going to cost me.

Windshield Get Replaced On Monday

This is a huge deal to me, a problem that has been dogging me for over a year. Hoping it all gets put to rest by tomorrow afternoon.

Another Reason I Might Be Depressed

I haven't had sex in a while. Turns out, this might be important to me. Who knew?

Movie Of The Week

The Dark Knight. Heath Ledger is, without a doubt, the best villain in any superhero movie ever made. I'll say right now that yes, he will get nominated for an Oscar and, even more, he will win. Still, NOT my favorite movie of the summer. I'll rank them all another time.

The Cleaning Labia

called me to inform me that she is moving back to Kansas this week. Her daughter (Sabrina) will pick up the duties around Casa del Jimbo starting next week ( I even get moved back to a coveted Friday slot!), but I will miss Wilma very much. She really rocked. Finding someone who speaks English to clean your bathroom isn't an easy thing to do these days.

Will Jim Snap Outta This Funk?

Yeah. Sure. Whatever.


Dick Small said...

Cheer up, Jim! We love you!

Dick Small said...

... even though you didn't even think of inviting me to Oklahoma City....

Ice John's World said...

Have a nice time at Oklahoma City! Look forward to seeing some pics!

Anonymous said...

have a nice tripp big guy...huggs and kisses!


Anonymous said...

I hope u can help me...I so wanna get in tuch with the blogger bigg...he has the blogg my confessions and i see u coment on him...problem is i cant post...and i cant seem to get me an google acount either!
I feel that he and I has a thing or two in common cause of our illness..and i would so much like his mail...the one in the blogg wont work with me :(

can u help ?

love ravn

jimmycity said...

Ravn: as you might have seen, Bigg hasn't posted in nearly a week. I'm worried about him, because that's not like him at all. All I have is the comments section to check in with him, so I can't be of any help to you.

I don't have a google account, either, but my hotmail account works to get into the comments. Maybe you could try to set up a hotmail address?

Jan said...


I hope you have a helluva time in Oklahoma, and it snaps you right out of your funk. It doesn't suit you at all, dear.

I'd also tell you that I know someone up in Dallas that I'd love to introduce you to, but my better half has threatened me with death if I start up the matchmaking again.

Ice John's World said...

Rvan and Jimmy,

In Bigg's profile of his blog, he posts the e-mail address as

He just had 2 new posts this week. Apparently, he is very sick.

jimmycity said...

ice john: Thanks for that reminder! It's good to know that others are worrying about this wonderful man as well.

Grant Miller said...

A better villain that Apolo Creed???

Anonymous said...

Dick: I know that and I cant get that mail to work!! I just want him to know that I exist up here in norway..that i've been redning his blogg for a long time and that i do know how he feels right now sort of....


Anonymous said...

Oh ,sorry ice john..i thought u where dick..