Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Another Missed Opportunity from Doing The Right Thing
I've recently found out that my deaf sister, who lives with her husband and two kids in Missouri, is having some marital issues. My family, scattered all about the US now, has expressed concern. I decided just a few weeks ago that I would take some vacation time and drive the 11 hours from central Texas to out-in-the-middle-of-fucking-nowhere Missouri and pay a visit. Just to see if everything is okay.
It will be a major road trip over Memorial Day weekend.
As luck would have it, I just found out earlier this week that I will be out of town for a major pool party/social event in the bear circles here locally. Austin Beardom's favorite powercouple, Dave and Rich, are throwing a shindig to kick off the summer party season. And I'm going to miss it.
I had heard about these guys, and their parties, for years. Every new Hunk of Funk that I've met since coming out has eventually asked me, "Hey, do you know Dave and Rich?" and the feelings of inadequacy would roll over me in waves. "Man, those guys know how to throw a party!"
I finally met these guys at TBRU in Dallas this March. They totally lived up to their reputations: warm, funny, smart, sexy. We hit it off. I went out to dinner with them just two weeks ago. They mentioned that they have pool parties. They said they would be sure to let me know when the next one was coming up.
Two days after making arrangements to drive to Missouri, I get the phonecall. It's a party.
(heavy sigh)
There will be other opportunities. Patience is a virtue. I'll be a dutiful brother and son, and I'll be happy doing it. But, forgive me if I daydream while on the road, about a backyard full of hairy, beefy bears sipping adult beverages in various stages of undress, soaking up the sun, playing in the water, and bonding with one another.
All in good time, Jim.

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Larry said...

It's good you did the right thing Jim. Speaks well of your character and you never know how many more opportunities you'll have to see your family. I've never been to a bear event or a party for bears though. Never was too interested goin' stag, but might be fun goin' with someone.