Thursday, May 04, 2006

Nuts of the Gods

When I really love something. I really love it. I obsess a bit. I'm sitting here at the keyboard munching on something I really love: cashews.

Cashews are the world's most delicious nut. Cashews are the nuts of the Gods. If given a choice, cashews are, hands down, the nuts I would prefer to put in my mouth above all others.

Buttery goodness.

I can't type now. I'm busy.


I wear dirty converse said...


I wanted to leave comments so I could possibly make more .. ehh.. friends you could call on here. You seem interesting lol, anyway if you wanna chat sometime comment back. But if not I wont be offended.


Larry said...

Absolutely! My favorite of all time and doesn't matter if plain, salted, honey roasted, or butter toffee!! These are the best nuts ever. Wouldn't it be great to have a big can with all four styles of Cashews? I am sooooo glad I'm not allergic to them and feel bad for those that are.