Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Cheese Of The Gods
Italians have a passion for cheese. A lot of their cuisine uses cheese, particularly Parmesan cheese. That Mario guy on The Food Network is always referring to Parmesan cheese as "the King of Cheeses". Now, don't get me wrong, I like Parmesan cheese just fine, but to call it the "King" is just a little crazy. Maybe it's the "King of Toppings", but I doubt it.
Here in America, we seem to be very fond of Cheddar cheese, and the stuff is good, sure, but I find cheddar's flavor to be a bit over-powering.
American cheese isn't even "cheese" at all. It's some kind of nasty petroleum product. I think it's some gourmand's sick little joke way back when to attach "American" to this shit. Chefs all over the world snicker at the slam.
No, to me the "King Of Cheeses" is Swiss Cheese. It's nutty, it's mellow, it goes well on darn near anything and it doesn't overpower the flavor of other foods. It melts nicely, has a nice "goo" factor.
It's just the best cheese.
When I want cheese in my mouth, I want it to be Swiss.


dirk.mancuso said...

Cheese, huh?

I know I am in the minority here, but I just can't eat the stuff. Something about the texture. And the smell. On the rare occasion I do have pizza, I order it without cheese.

But I will eat macaroni and cheese. If there is next to now cheese in it. And it is baked until a deep golden brown.

I guess what I am saying is I will take your word on the great cheese debate.


P.S. That is a kick ass pic of Pink. I love her.

Melissa said...

You have to give gruyer a shot! Or a rich creamy brie... mmmmmm.

Larry said...

Mmmmmm. Definitely, Baby Swiss is in my top five. If I only have one available, then for me it would be either Longhorn or Colby Cheddar. They are a milder flavor. I even like the pepper cheeses (Jalapeno & Habanero).

Here's a nice thought for you buddy... "Grilled Cheese Sandwich"
Thick slice of Baby Swiss, thin slice of Colby Cheddar, Sourdough (or your favorite), garlic butter, or butter
w/dash of garlic powder. Prep as normal, but use low heat till melting starts, then med to make golden brown.
Like soup: Try it w/Campbell's Old Fashioned Tomato

Romantic date at home: Plan the above on a rainy or thunderstorm day/night w/ a couple of ice cold beers an a
bottle of your favorite dessert liquor for a nice shot as a finishing touch.
Nice conversation while watching a good movie you both like, that you both have seen many times.
After the dessert shot, a long, sensual, passionate kiss.
Insert next step here...

And I bet you thought I was goin' to say insert somethin' else... ;)

jimmycity said...

Wow! I'm diggin the way you think!