Wednesday, July 05, 2006

"Derka derka muhammad jihad!"
Kim Jong Il did WHAT?!?
(for the record: he built some missiles, which will someday contain nuclear warheads and he launched one on July 4th, 2006. This coincided with the USA launching the space shuttle Columbia and the inauguration of South Korea's new President. The launch, he claims, was a "test" but I suspect if he hadn't buried the missile in a clay pot in his backyard first, it might have actually HIT something!)

Are you kidding me? Does he really think the world is going to put up with his crap? Could someone please explain to me how he has gotten THIS far into the process of building atomic weapons without getting squashed like the bug that he is?

Colin Powell said: "To have done it on the day of the inauguration of the new president is an exercise in drawing attention to themselves, and trying to create a sense of crisis when none is necessary.

"I regard it as entirely unnecessary and provocative."

How to win friends and influence people, huh?

And, since you're explaining things to me anyway, could you also explain how the guys that bring us "Southpark" (- a CARTOON, fer chrissakes!) can see far enough down the proverbial hall to know that this guy is a dangerous lunatic years before we all wake up and smell the missile contrails?

I'm not a warmonger. I don't think it's the United States of America's job to police the planet. But I'm sick of this shit. It's time to start rubbing out Retardedity when we see it. Time to kick some puppet ass.


dirk.mancuso said...

That puppet was wicked funny in TEAM AMERICA.

"I'm wonewy...oh so vewwy wonewy..."

LMAO @ Parker and Stone

Larry said...

Agreed! This crap has been buggin' me for a long time. Here's what I think about the following:
IRAQ: No WMD's, war - when started - not just. However, I firmly believe Saddam is a pathologic megalomaniac and it was only a matter of time. Supposed WMD's found & supposed cel phone records - bullshit. With so many in our country and others being angry that there was no proof found, why would they hold on to this "proof" that they supposedly had since 2003. Easy, only one answer: Election year. This particular president/cabinet has screwed up so much they have no choice but to fabicate this crap. One other tidbit, Al-Queda is a militant religious group. They hate the Sunni's secular group as much as anyone else. I don't believe that they would ever align with them. Going after IRAQ the way Bush did, before dealing with IRAN and N.Korea who are clearly more dangerous fanatics and farther along in nuclear technology was a big mistake. I think he did it for one reason only, and that was to avenge his father's absolute blunder for not doing it during his term. It is only because of my belief that it would have happened anyway sooner or later and with probably worse events that would have caused a war with them anyway.
No matter how I feel, I absolutely support our troops 100%!!! They are the brave souls keeping us free.
Heaven help any bastard that protests a fallen hero's funeral near me! It will take someone bigger and
stronger than me to hold me back from beating them with their own signs!!!
IRAN: Here is a far more dangerous country absolutely FULL of religious fanatics that has for generations been taught to hate America. They fanatically and stubbornly believe Israel has no right to exist. They train, harbor, and support terrorist organizations that are "jihad" warriors for their "peaceful" religion. Spare me the BS that the Quran is a peaceful religious book. How can it be when in it's very foundation it is written that jihad is acceptable and you go to heaven by dying in war? Ok, ok, I know I said I respected other peoples religious beliefs, so let include this, and you can quote me on this "for those who have faith in muslim religion that actually promote peace and respect others religions and right to exist, AND don't want to stab me in the heart or the back just because I'm American, or not muslim, no problem. All the rest who think it's ok to kill someone because their from another country, another religion, or feel another nation/religion has no right to exist... you're not doing Allah's bidding, you're doing evil's bidding." Anyway, back to IRAN the nation. They obviously want nuclear weapons, not power. They have threatened to anihilate Israel. They have 1 million armed army and 7 million unarmed that only carry the Quran. Odd you say.. well, for going to war the go to heaven remember... their goal is to overrun the enemy, strike them over the head with the book, and then take the enemies weapon to use it against them. Did someone say peaceful...? yeah right! One more thing, watch out for the Shiites in IRAQ - the controlling power. They are Iranians.
Message for IRAN: "What if the world said you had no right to exist, let alone control the world's oil?"
N.Korea: Freakin' scary. Decades of hate toward America. Decades of paranoid dictatorship. Decades of using absolutely all available resources to keep a several million man army going. Decades of blatant lying after the fact when it came to any "negotiations" or "agreements" with other nations. Years of missile technology to reach farther and farther. News flash: don't believe the hype about the recent "failed" missile launches, they were old, but the technology is valid and already proven. I wish we could take out their government and army (only), not the millions that are suffering under their idiot, paranoid dictator. Here's why that probably wont happen as soon as it should. CHINA. China will not tolerate another "war" next to it's border. Let's put 2 & 2 together here... N.Korea is really really poor right? Then who's financing their technology? Ever notice how N.Korea hates everyone, but has absolutely no beef with China * AND * how China keeps blocking the United Nation's attempts to reign them in...? I bet that even after they launch a missile that makes it to our airspace, China will still not be on board. Two words: Hidden Agenda. Last thing: MISSILE TEST MY ASS!! YOU DON'T NEED SEVEN LAUNCHES BASTARDS!!! THIS WAS A BLATANT PROVOCATION FOR WAR!!!!
Isael/Palestine: You both have the right to exist. You both are killing alot of innocent people. You both are way to stubborn and fanatic in your "opionions". You both keep sucking others into your petty bullshit. I think (like with many nations) if your government and military got the hell out of the way, your people would have peace in days, not months. Both of you are wrong on so many levels and points it's rediculous. Each time one of you has a spat, you want to dredge up decades of "in the beginning" crap. Grow up before the world decides to settle your problem once and for all.
India/Pakistan: Centuries of bullshit. Hello: Cashmere(sp) is it's own country. It doesn't belong to either of you any more. Grow the hell up already or the world will solve your problem for you as well. Funny that I nation like India could have had a great pacifist in Ghandi to end the English occupancy, but couldn't forgive Pakistan, for... hmmm what was it again..? Does anyone remember?

We live in scary times. Not everyone has the same rational thought. Most do not come to the table to actually solve problems, but instead have hidden agendas for what they can get out of the situation. Things look grim. I just hope that if we're not intelligent enough to prevent a war, that we will be wise enough to end it quick and not make the same mistakes again. Last word: Peace Out!

jimmycity said...

Wow, Larry! Try not holding back so much and tell me what you REALLY think!

I think you have a better grasp of what is going on than I do, and I sure appreciate your input. I think you are spot on in your assessment that Bush fingered Saddam because of bad blood with his father.

I totally agree with you about supporting our troops. I get very annoyed at the Republican/Conservative line that opposing the war with Iraq makes you unpatriotic and do not support the brave men and women risking their lives. I have a brother-in-law currently over there, working as a civilian for a contruction company out of Houston, building airbases. I want him home, safe and sound. I am proud of him, as I am proud of our military.