Saturday, July 01, 2006

A Few Words About Paris Hilton
and the fact that she has a hit single...
* It's proof that ANYONE can make a record, if they have enough money.
*If you dole out even a penny of your money for this, you are a fucktard.
*She symbolizes what is wrong with America, and some of us idolize her spoiled little ass?!?
*Even if I weren't gay, she'd make me consider switching teams.

Come On! She's nasty, disgusting, talentless, and evil, and you KNOW it!

So WHAT if she can carry a tune, so WHAT if the song has a good beat, or whatever. She has millions and millions of dollars at her disposal to put together a team of music professionals to manufacture a piece of product.

Fucking vomit.

I'm not kidding about calling you a fucktard if you buy into this monstrosity.

Thank you, I'm done.


dirk.mancuso said... I would be correct to assume you don't like her, right?

Anonymous said...

yeah....but if i was not married to your sis...i would let her humm on my....ohhhh nevermind. tmi there huh. sorry for the picture since she makes u so ill. her head is too round to set a drink on anyways....aaaaaahah. later man

Larry said...

Like gag me with a spoon! LOL she plays a ditz, but she's actually very intelligent and owns/runs a business of her own. No, I don't support her. Just learned a few things from the "behind the scenes of Simple Life".

She should have paid her dues and earned it like everyone else. I wont buy it even IF there MIGHT be a good song on the album!

Tom Dougherty said...

I'm with you on this, as I assume all rational, reasonable folks are with you.

This woman is repulsive on a molecular level. And she's the first to disprove the old adage about car wrecks and their fascination. I am finding it easier to look away every day.