Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Oh. My. God!

I CANNOT believe my eyes. The sleaze factor, the utter tastelessness of THIS NEWS stuns, amazes, and terrifies the shit outta me. Seriously, I can't get beyond "what the fuck!?!"

“O.J. Simpson, in his own words, tells for the first time how he would have committed the murders if he were the one responsible for the crimes,” Fox said in a statement. “In the two-part event, Simpson describes how he would have carried out the murders he has vehemently denied committing for over a decade.”

- from a report by TV Critic Diane Holloway, Austin American Statesman (click the quote for more)

Who would watch this? Who would want to televise it? Oh, my God!

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TheChubbyAvenger said...

Unbelievable. It just goes to show how LOW everything has sunk. From the get-go, I've beleived he murdered them. I never believed he was innocent. Now this. The family of his murdered wife and the young man he also killed must be about ready to just explode. It just goes to slow that shit rolls downhill. The very lowest common denominator.