Monday, February 05, 2007

Stupor Bowl

Yes, I watched...some. I'm sorry, that American culture has turned professional football and the NFL into a religion really disturbs me. Do we really need to stretch this out into a 10 hour event? Good grief! No, I'm a college football kinda guy (and, quite frankly, the hype and business pressure exerted there is nearly ruining it for me, as well), I just (barely) tolerate the NFL.

I missed The Big, Gay Super Bowl Party in order to sit by myself at home and watch a little, squirm in my chair, and flip over to The Puppy Bowl III on Animal Planet (where, quite frankly, I laughed out loud at an Instant Replay and when an "official", all decked out in the black and white uniform, ran onto the field to clean up a "personal foul" with a bag-covered hand), and then flip back again when I realized what I was doing. Holy shit, that's just WAY too gay!

I caught the half-time show, and thought Prince was incredible. When he busted into the cover of the Foo Fighter's "Best Of You", I was reminded of what I had forgotten all these years: Prince can fuckin' ROCK, buddy! Remember back in the day when the Prince vs. Michael Jackson argument was all the rage? You know, who is better? Who is more talented? Is there any doubt now? Prince writes, produces, plays the hell outta the guitar, dances, entertains, and performs! Sure, he looks like a fem little twink, but the guy is LOADED with talent.
His name is Prince. And he is funky. Loved it.

When the game resumed, I found my attention wavering yet again but refused to check back in on the puppies. I just channel surfed and dropped back in on the game ocassionally. I was secretly rooting for Chicago. I'm not surprised that they lost, tho.

All in all, I'm glad the season is over. WAY too much hype. As a culture, our priorities are really fucked up. Don't tell me these guys are "heroes". I don't buy that crap. They are over-paid athletes who are worshipped for the money they represent.

It was nice to see two black coaches, Grandpa Billy, and weird Uncle Prince all work it. I felt bad that those over-priced studs had to slug in out in the rain, I guess. Still, the strangest thing was that I had to fight with myself to keep from going back to watching puppies jump, run, chew on toys, and sniff each other's butts instead.

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