Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday Mop Up 02/04/07

Seems I've lost the will to blog lately. Yeah, yeah, work has been hectic - c'mon when is it not?- and I'm all worried about this training class I signed up for, but that's no excuse for not having the discipline to sit down and vent a little here and sharing my psychosis with the world. I know this.

I'm just the kind of guy that sometimes likes to be quiet. Not talking, not communicating, can be therapeutic for an extrovert. Sometimes I enjoy the silence.

This is spilling over into my relationships with my family and friends as well. I haven't been hanging with my buds, I am avoiding talking to my family on the phone, the past two weeks have just been "quiet time" for me.

If you were here with me, I'd invite you to curl up on the bed next to me so we could drowse and nap and talk and be totally silent together. I'd tell you some secrets, and try to get you to tell me some of yours. I'd thank you for being my friend, and snuggle into you and apologize for being such a slug. I'd hold you in my arms and just enjoy the feel of your body close to mine.

And, every so often, I'd bitch about the housework that I am avoiding. You'd get sick of that pretty quick and tell me to get off my ass and get busy. I would grouse about it, but insist that, while I am up and being productive, that you lay right there, so I can run back to you, in between chores. SOMEone's gotta be the slacker. If it can't be me, then it's got to be you! Please. I'll go throw a load in the wash, start the dishwasher, and be right back so I can kiss your neck. Okay?

Thanks for understanding.


Melissa said...

Good god that sounds like heaven. Damn it... I'm all girly and shit. Nevermind.

jimmycity said...

Hold on there, young lady! Who said anything about sex? I am an Equal Opportunity Snugglebunny and would be completely comfortable and pleased if I could offer you a buttrub, a cup of cocoa, and a chew on your carotid artery.

[shrug] That's just how I roll.

Melissa said...

Sign me up, big daddy.