Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Medical Update

I just had to jump on today and announce that I had the PICC line removed from my chest yesterday and I am no longer having to lug around the portable i.v. pump, pack, and tubeage.

Was so happy, I kissed the nurse when she got the catheter out of me, and she blushed beet red. I'm a dynamo of sexual energy, ya know...

Still have the wound vac attached to my leg, and have to deal with carrying around that purse for several weeks yet. No biggie. Feels like progress to me, man.

By the way, I forgot to go the scoreboard for sick time tracking:

Tracking My Sick Days in 2007 : 12

That blows, considering we aren't three months into the new year yet. Let's hope I'm done being a mere mortal for a while, huh?


Bigg said...

I worry about you, Jimmy. You need to take good care of yourself... Who else am I gonna visit when (and if, unfortunately) I pass through Texas...?

jimmycity said...

Trust me, Bigg, if you end up passing through at any point during your journey in Life, I'll be here to show you around this amazing corner of the world.

All signs are that I am healing right on schedule.

Thanks for your concern!