Monday, July 23, 2007

Doctor Doctor, Give Me The News...

I've finally got an appointment set for my neck/shoulder/clavicle/first rib issue. I see a "pain management" doctor tomorrow at 3:30pm. It's just the 'consultation", but the chickie-poo I set the appointment with assured me that there was space available in the week for an apointment for "injections", if needed.

And, again, I totally visualize someone sticking a huge-ass steel needle into my neck, wedging it between two vertebrae, the cracking and popping sounds of flesh and bone meeting metal, and I can feel myself start to faint. jimmycity is really just jimmybabygirl when it comes to medical stuff.

I'll do it, though. I want my neck back.

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Ice John's World said...

Hope that your doc finds out the root cause of the problem soon. Are you going to get the Cortisone Injection if your doc suggests it? It is actually not that bad.