Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What Did YOU Do Last Night?

Me? I went out to dinner with DQ, where we actually sat and talked and got to know each other instead of moving directly into sex.

He's such a sweet kid. By "kid", I mean he's 32. Compared to how old I am, that makes him a freaking fetus. In fishnets.

We're going to go out on Friday night. He keeps talking about wanting to see the leather bar that is the ONLY gay bar I go to in this town. I'm not sure I can do that yet: mingle with him amongst the guys I know there. He also wants me to see his drag show on Sunday night. REALLY not sure if I can handle THAT yet.

I am fully aware that I am coming off here as a judgemental, holier-than-thou prick. Trust me, I am conflicted to Hell and back about this stuff, and I am not proud of my prejudices.

We had dinner, and we spent two hours with our clothes on, talking about ourselves. It was nice. When we left, he got into his car, and I got into my truck, and we went our separate ways.


Mel said...

that was perfect first date!!

I dont think you are judgemental, just leery and thats normal i think. You are normal JimmY!!!!

Ice John's World said...

Well, you got to be true to yourself and him. Give it more time and see how you really feel about the situation then. Good luck, Jimmy.

Dick Small said...

Well if I'd been your date, you would've seen a little action. Maybe next time you'll remember that.

jimmycity said...

Mel: Pretty much, yeah, it was. Except this wasn't our FIRST date. Just the first date that didn't end in sex.

ice john: I agree. We'll see how Friday night goes.

Dick: The point was "can we get along doing something that doesn't involve being naked and producing bodily fluids?" Turns out...we CAN!

Grant Miller said...

A fetus in fishnets?

And I thought I was a sicko!

jimmycity said...

Grant: Dude, you are. Trust.