Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sunday MopUp 06/08/08

My sunburned scalp is crumbling off the top of my head in chunks that look like fried rice, I drank a beer because it's so hot and humid outside that I am UBERcranky, and the beer has given me a bloat attack, and I got a total of 3 hours of sleep last night.

This is my Sunday MopUp, and if I puke on ya, I'll just have more to talk about while I hose you down. Some days, it doesn't seem worth it to show up here, huh?

Nudity Done RIGHT!

Went to a pool party Sunday night with the usual assortment of hairy, gay men. At 9PM, everything was very civilized and proper. I took DQ and he didn't seem impressed. By 11:30, the social lubricant had been applied generously and the pool party turned into a skinny dipping Extravaganza. Well, without too much "skinny". It was really wonderful to be surrounded by happy homos who weren't the least bit shy in sauntering around the pool naked, bumming cigarettes off each other, stealing the best beer in the coolers, playing Grab-Ass with any and all passers-by, and congratulating each other on endowment.

Not everyone got naked, plenty of guys remained clothed, but this was a charming and innocent gathering of friends who were delighted to be in each other's company, and it showed. There was no leering, or cruising going on. Just old friends on a hot, hot summer's evening. I reminded the host of what a great group of friends he has. Everyone was lovely.

There was no sex, no drug use, and no drama, but there was also no hiking boots, leathery saddle-bag butts, posing, or apparent skin cancers (as opposed to what I witnessed at Hippie Hollow last week).

Four dozen naked fat guys in a pool can be really fun to be around. YAY!

Little Victories

1. My skinniest pair of jean shorts fell to my ankles as I went up the stairs here at home this weekend. Now, granted, I wasn't wearing a belt, but I believe I am approaching the next smaller size of pants to wear.

2. I am now up to 3 miles on the treadmill in 60 minutes. I was supposed to go to a Big Man's event at a local gay bar this evening to socialize, but chose, instead, to hit the gym. The get-together will be every Sunday through the summer, so maybe I can be more organized and make next week's.

Father's Day

is next Sunday, and I found a book for my Dad that I think he will get a kick out of. It's by a writer from Sports Illustrated, and this guy signs on to caddy for some BIG names in the world of golf, as well as some big celebrities, and gets them to tell stories. Dad, being a golf FREAK, should dig it. It's called "Who's Your Caddy?" and will go into the mail tomorrow with a card, reminding him of what an amazing human being he is.

Poop Du Jour

Seriously, I had a bowel movement today that was kinda scary. Huge. Well formed and healthy, but unnatural in size. Long, it was. Have you ever been startled at something that came out of your butt?

Relax, I'm done. It's a fair question, but I'm sure you are disgusted with me. Sorry.


Ice John's World said...

Great that you had a great time at the party. Disgusting about the last paragraph? Had a bad sewer backup flooding in the basement on this past weekend, now that was disgusting to see what was left after the water receded. Sigh.

Special K said...

Speaking of Father's Day, my Dad used to announce to the household whenever something monumental had been deposted in the toilet....
He begged us to look at it and Mom would scramble to hide the cameras lest he take a photo....

Special K said...




Digested blood in your stool. Stupid bleeding ulcers...

Most disgusting deposit (and smell) ever. Ever.


Then I passed out when I stood up too fast.

kirby said...

Thanks for the book suggestion, now I know what to get my dad for his birthday.