Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday MopUp 06/15/08

Well, hello there! Nice to see you. Come on in! I was just pouring myself a bucket of coffee and sitting down to catch a few friends up on what has been going on around here lately. I call this my Sunday MopUp. Feel free to sit a spell.

Lap Band Update

Drove out to Houston on Thursday, not really knowing what to expect. When I was there two weeks ago, I had a 5 pound loss for the previous two weeks. I wasn't very hopeful on this trip because I had to take a full week off of working out in order to let the blisters on my left foot heal up. So, I only had one week of working out under my belt in this two week period. I told myself that if I dropped three pounds that I would be satisfied, all things considered.

When they weighed me, I discovered that I had dropped another SEVEN pounds in that two weeks! SEVEN POUNDS! I just about floated off the scale.

This puts me at 62.2 pounds so far. It also means that I am 13 pounds from being able to use the scale at the gym to monitor my weight. See, I am currently too large for the scale, and the only way I know how I am doing is by making this 3 hour trek to Houston. It's ridiculous.

Anyway, Dr Davis was very complimentary of my progress and gave me another HALF a cc of saline into my band. This puts me at 7 cc's. He wants me to slow down on these fills, by the way. It would be VERY bad to overfill the band. It can cause lots of complications. In fact, I sat in the waiting room with a woman who is about to have her band removed and get the bypass because of complications from getting the band overfilled. It was a cautionary tale for me. Being overfilled can keep food from passing into the lower stomach so much that food collects in the pouch and you begin to stretch the pouch out. Too much stretching and the pouch can overhang around the outside of the band, which can cause food to be trapped, and also can create an opportunity for the pouch tissue to grow onto the band. Either of these scenarios is not good.

So, I'll probably forego a trip in two more weeks and see how I feel in a month. I need to slow down a little. The doctor says three and a half pounds a week in weigh loss is really kind of fast for this procedure. He was fine with me losing two and a half a week, but wants me to focus on eating well, and not overdoing it at the gym. He pointed out that I run the risk of losing muscle mass by losing this fast. That's when he got my attention.

I don't want to fuck this up.


Saw two this week:

I loved this movie. Old, tired story. Nothing new to it. But a great message for kids about self-acceptance, and acknowledging your own strengths. Lots of fat jokes, but done in a charming way. Jack Black was the perfect voice for Po, the daydreaming Panda. Dustin Hoffman did a terrific job as his Master. The other voice-over talent was a complete waste of money. Why use Angelina Jolie, Seth Rogan, and Jackie Chan if you aren't going to showcase them in any way? Their parts were so small it was ridiculous. Still, I liked this movie so much, I went on a crusade to find a Po action figure at MacDonald's. Took a while, but I found one. YAY!


All the online reviews I read just TRASHED this movie. Too bad. I enjoyed it. It wasn't as good as Ironman, of course, but it didn't suck. My main complaint is that they used Liv Tyler. This chick is NOT an actress. Never liked her, never will. Please, Hollywood, stop using this woman.

All in all, what this movie lacked was a sense of humor. WAY too serious for a comic book movie. But, it didn't suck.

I'm pissed that there are no Hulk action figures at any of the burger joints. I seem to be collecting the trash toys of the summer movies I see this year. I have an Ironman, a Mach 5 from "Speed Racer", and now a Po. Stupid, huh?


Anonymous said...

Stupid???? NO way!

Anonymous said...

congrats on the weight loss.

Take care of yourself!

Ice John's World said...

Good job on the weight loss and best luck for the lap band pouch filling. Of course, thanks for the movie review. Now I just wish that I could find time to see Kung fu panda and Hulk.

Michele said...

I love Liv Tyler. I'll have to consider whether to forgive you for that. Though I do think Kirsten Dunst needs to be put through an industrial shredder, along with Winona Ryder...Oh that was mean. Liv would never say something that mean.

jimmycity said...

Michele: It's okay, I can easily forgive you for not forgiving me.