Monday, August 07, 2006

Alive and Kicking and Catching up
Okay, I'm back. What a week last week was for me. My battle with food poisoning turned into a pretty substancial fever, which caused the cellulitus in my left leg to flare up and I was fairly immobile for the first part of last week. Nasty. By the time I had a fair quantity of anti-biotics pumped into me and I was feeling better, it was Wednesday and the work that piles up on my desk in two days, had tripled in size. I was chained to my desk for the rest of the week, and hardly had a chance to look up and swear.

But I still did, ocassionally. There's always time to swear.

Friends came to town on Friday, and I felt like a social animal again. Human contact is a good thing. I often act like "people" are a pain in the ass, and I just want to be alone. All it takes is a little "alone time" to realize that I like interacting with others, that "people" don't suck. Several nights of good restaurants and skinny-dipping was just what the doctor ordered. Got roped into seeing a movie with the group Saturday night. The movie wasn't my choice.

And now, my first half-assed blog movie review:

Title:"The Descent" rated "R" (for retarded)
Jimmy's Rating: C-

Okay, here's the premise: a group of women go off on a caving adventure. This band of females includes a smart-assed punk thrill-seeker, a couple of seasoned chick jocks, an emotionally damaged wimp, and an egotistical uber-bitch, who is the leader. They crawl into some caves. They get lost. They get trapped. And then they find out that they are not alone down there.
Was I scared? No. Was I feeling claustrophobic as I watched these skinny bitches wiggle down into tighter and tigher holes, having no clue where they were going? Oh, hell yeah. I sat in the air conditioned theatre with my gallon and a half sized Diet Coke gulping for air. I wanted to punch these chicks for being so stupid at every turn. I wasn't scared, I was annoyed.

What I DID enjoy was the audience. Some people love getting scared. I was with a group of big, burly men and, man!, did some of them squeal like little girls! One of the guys in our group was talking back to the screen. I was equally embarrassed and delighted by the way they were squirming.

Nothing new here. The movie goes "Boo!" and the audience jumps, shrieks, and giggles.
I rolled my eyes. And laughed at the people around me.
It's all good. Well, not good to me, but everyone else seemed to enjoy it. That's cool.


dallaschubcub said...

My favorite part was the person sitting next to me.

Melissa said...

So glad to hear you are back among the living.