Friday, September 22, 2006

Karma Is A Bitch

Not so long ago, I ranted about what a useless waste of space Paris "The Living Pap Smear" Hilton is. Can not STAND her.
Well, let's add another name to my list of Those I Can Not Abide:
Anna Nicole Smith

I didn't mind that a billionaire wanted to leave his fortune to her. I was kinda glad that his stick-up-the-butt family took it in the ass. I even watched some of her reality show, because I think I delighted in watching what a fat, drugged out pig she had become. Maybe I felt kindly toward her because she had really just ballooned into such a freak show and because the inheritance is nowhere near settled.

But, now the news is that she is selling pics of her son to the press for some $600K. - her 20 year old son who died in her hospital room days after she gave birth to a baby. Jesus!

This is, perhaps, the most disgusting, pathetic, and creepy twist to this story of what a trainwreck of a whore she is. This catches me in the throat and makes me say a little prayer for that young man. I feel the need to offer my respects to him, since his own mother doesn't feel that responsibility. I doubt this is the end of the suffering in the miserable little life of this wretched and souless woman. She'll get what's coming to her.

I'm sorry, Daniel. Rest in peace.

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