Monday, September 25, 2006

Who Wants Pie?

Everyone I know likes SOME kinda pie. Who doesn't like pie? I like most pies.

Some folks are more fond of cake. They would rather have a piece of cake than a piece of pie. But that doesn't mean they don't like pie. They would just prefer cake.

Me? I'm a pie guy. I dislike very few pies. Mincemeat pie and rhubarb pie I'd rather not eat. But I might, if I was hungry enough. Cream pie, fruit pie, chess pie, custard pie, pecan pie, even pizza pie, chicken pot pie or a nice quiche: they are all yummy to me.

For people who claim they don't like pie, there's always Boston Cream Pie, which is really a cake. But it's got "pie" right in the name there. And for people people who dont like cake, there's Cheesecake which, come on, is really more like a pie. But "cake" is right there in the name, too.

Do you like pie? I'm sure you like SOME kinda pie. Who doesn't like pie?

Let's have a cup of coffee and a piece of pie and talk. That would be nice. Pie makes people friendly and open up to each other. The United Nations should serve pie. Maybe we should send pie to the Middle East. Include the recipe on the bottom of the pie plate. If they like the pie, they can make it themselves. Couldn't hurt.

What's your favorite kind of pie?

Be prepared to discuss all things "cookie" at some point in the future.


TheChubbyAvenger said...

It is fair to say I never met a piece of pie I dind't like. I don't like the merangues on pies like lemon merangue, however, I like the lemon filling part of it. Whipped eggwhite toppings don't really appeal that much to me. I love chocolate cream pie. I love all fruit and berry pies. I'm made for banana/coconut cream pie. I ADORE KEYlime pie. The list goes on. I also love cakes. I am an equal opportunity lover of most baked goods and desserts. I do not like, however, rice puddings, or bread puddings. THey are anathema to me. A cup of great coffee. A piece of wonderful pie. Thou. What could be a better time?


Melissa said...

Luby's used to have this crumbley, nutty, chocolatey pie that was to die for. They don't serve it anymore. Of course there is always House of Pies right down the street. Mississippi Mud Slide Pie. Hello!

Fruit pies of all kinds are great too, and then there's the fruit pie's first cousin - the cobbler. Homemade blackberry cobbler with Blue Bell vanilla. Oh yeah.

dirk.mancuso said...

I think I may be the exception to the rule...I only like 2 kinds of pie.

Apple pie and pumpkin pie.

Now mind you, I would eat those two until my stomach exploded but you serve up a cherry pie, a strawberry pie, even french silk and I have a hard time working up the nerve to take even a bite. Not sure why.

But cookies...ahhhhhhhhh, now we are in my territory.

dallaschubcub said...

You didn't mention HAIR pie!

Ed said...

Found your blog from a comment you made on Dirk.Mancuso's Blog. My grandmother made a Rhubarb Pie that would melt in your mouth. It was not sour at all. I remmber it had cherry juice in it along with the Rhubarb. Delicous!!

Anonymous said...

I love YUMMY PIES....except the yucky ones that Jimmy mentioned and sweet patatoe....AND I ADORE YUMMT CHEESECAKES! Jimy's favorite - TUTTY PIE :-)