Saturday, September 09, 2006

Looks Like I Found An MP3 Player!

(Ed. note: okay, I'm a people pleaser and the guy who found the player obnoxious got to me, so I went into set-up and found how to keep the player from starting upon page download.)

Oh, My GOD! I'm so excited! Big hugs and thanks to Mr. Lactose-Intolerant for finding this for me.


Any feedback you can give me about whether the player works on your pc will be appreciated. I'm just playing with this while it's a free beta test.

I just threw a couple of .mp3s up to see if it works. I'll get serious about a playlist later.

I think the thing is set up to begin playing automatically. If you just can't STAND it, click the little stop button on the player.

I may change that setting in the future, so as not to be all obnoxious and in your face with the tunes, but right now, I want the fucker to fire up right away.


TheChubbyAvenger said...

Fantastic player, JIM..i am really enjoying it!...THanks to Mr. lacotose-intollerant, too, from me! I know you really wantd one.



Anonymous said...

Call me when you shut off the music, it’s obnoxious. I enjoy reading your posts but not being assaulted by your music. Give your reader a choice to listen to the music or to read in peace. --Randy

jimmycity said...

Call you? Seriously? I have no idea who you are, bud. Sayonara.

As I tried to point out, there's a stop button on the player. Feel free to shut it off. Just takes a half-second.

I promise to figure out how to make the music player ONLY start when prompted. I must've screwed up in the set-up. I'll get to it tomorrow.

Tom Dougherty said...

Love that song! It works great for me (a mere Dell laptop type of a guy). That's a keeper.

Melissa said...

I LOVE OK GO!!!! Those guys are brilliant.