Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday Mop Up: 09/10/06

Yeah, I know. I said I'd post more and I didn't. I'm going to stop worrying about it. Maybe I'll pick up momentum after some time. Maybe this is as busy as I can get on my blog. I don't know.

The most exciting things that happened this week were, of course, the gift of the mp3 player, and getting together with friends last night to watch the University of Texas play Ohio State.

Who did we think we were kidding?

After having Vince Young lead our team to the National Championship last year, it was really weird to see our new quarterback, Colt McCoy, try to fill Vince's shoes. Kinda like watching Opie Cunningham star in some porn movie. I mean, you appreciated the effort, and all but...

Don't get me wrong. The kid has a good arm, but he has A LOT of maturing to do. Too bad this huge game came so early in this team's season. The Texas defense looked like it was on cough syrup. We were ranked #2 going into this game? Whoa. Ohio State hardly broke a sweat. I'm surprised that the score was as close as it was: 24-7.

Now, I am not the kind of fan to rip a team apart if they lose a game. Hell, I'm from Nebraska: we KNOW how to lose there! I'm a loyal fan of any team I root for, whether they win or lose (which explains how I can so dearly love the Houston Astros). I will enjoy watching this team develop. I think the head coach, Mack Brown, is a terrific coach. I was just kinda stunned at how puny and lethargic we looked.

I watched the game with a group of about 8 friends on a big screen HDTV. Good food, cold beer, hilarious commentary from the assembled homos: it was just a lovely day.

What else?...oh yeah, my macaroni and cheese was well received. Shut up.

Oh, oh, wait! One more thing! Blogger is featuring a blog that is really clever. I've added it to my links (filed under: "Huh?"). Please take a second and check out "Indexed". A star is born! Thanks for pointing this out to us, Blogger!

Jimmy's Video Stash (bottom of the page, please)

The band Ok Go! with two of the most retarded and wonderfully choreographed videos of all time. Something tells me that they spend more time on the dancing than they do on the music, but why not? So does every act you see on MTV. Enjoy!

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dirk.mancuso said...

Michael wanted to get me an MP3 player for Christmas but I said no. I just don't get all the technology -- guess that is a sign I am old, eh?

I just got a computer 2 years ago because I thought they were a fad.

Go figure.