Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Do You Have A BlogCrush?

So, the fabulous Ms. Sizzle is hosting (well, co-hosting, along with her very perky and witty friend Sandra) a "BlogCrush" on December 15th. I LOVE this idea. I will be participating, meaning that on Friday you can check in here to find out who I have a crush on. I have decided to separate my crushes into 3 categories: MaleCrush, FemaleCrush, and Director. The first two will be personal diarist-type bloggers. The last is for a blog that is all about concept and construct, not about personality.

Here's an exerpt from The Divine Ms. S, from her post explaining the idea :

"So, I've been asked what technically IS a Blog Crush? It'd likely include some, if not all, of the following:A) You can't wait to read what they post next. B) You want to be friends with them. C) You think they are the cat's meow. Meow!D) You might find them attractive- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, whatever floats your boat.E) If you met them in person, blushing might occur.If you have to really think hard about who your blog crush is, you probably don't have one.

THE RULES:1) You can have more than one crush (but please refrain from naming your entire blogroll in an effort to keep everyone happy).2) You must reveal it on December 15, 2006 on your own blog.3) Boys can crush on boys. Girls can crush on girls. Boys can crush on girls. Girls can crush on boys. This has little to do with our sexuality and more to do with being bloggeriffic.

If you would like to participate, be sure and click on the link above to post a comment on her blog that you'll be involved. Everyone will want to check out what your choice/choices are, ya know.

I think the thing I dig most about this is that it gives us all a chance to shine a spotlight on blogs we particularly enjoy with folks who may enjoy them, too. If you've found someone you think everyone should check out, here's a way to spout off about it. Ya know, the blogosphere is jammed with tons of stuff, some that is genius, some that is utter crap. I rely heavily on the blogrolls of bloggers I am impressed with to point me to other cool stuff. So, I look forward to seeing what/who others are groovin' to and following.

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