Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sunday Mop Up 12/03/06

Whoa! I wasn't sure I'd even get to the Mop Up this weekend. Things have been hectic. As it is, it is well after 7pm Sunday night and I'm just getting a handle on my laundry. While I await the next load to dry, how about I knock out the easy-to-relate stuff to you. Please notice this posting's Mountain Fresh Scent (thanks to Clorox)!

Peggy, Texas

Ran out to Houston to visit My Favorite Margaret as she gets her blood thinned at Methodist Hospital. Man, what a place! Swank, swank, swank! Looked like the Hilton. A guy played Christmas songs on a baby grand piano in the lobby. Her room had tile floors, crown moulding, and cherrywood furniture. If and when I get the bariatric surgery, I wanna come here. Sa-weet!

She's doing great, and looks wonderful, by the way. Well, until she pulled the oxygen tube off of her face to talk with me. Thirty minutes after that, she was weak and breathless. Silly woman. She put the oxygen back on and she perked right back up.

Her clots are disolving slowly and she hopes to go home sometime next week. Have I told you people how much I love this woman? She's just the sweetest, gentlest soul I've ever known. I'm a better person from having known her.

Houston Traffic

Dear God! What a nightmare! It was like "The Road Warrior" but with pick-up trucks and small, japanese cars. If you live in Houston, I have a question: How have you managed to escape being killed on your highways? My balls are still lodged somewhere in my abdomen from the fright of it all. Austin drivers are bad, no doubt. But they just drive fast. In Houston, they try to kill each other at 80 mph. It's sport.

Beta Blogger Bullshit

Looks like I've screwed myself for upgrading to the "new" blogger. Suddenly, I can't switch back and forth from "compose" mode to "html" mode. There's no "compose" mode at all anymore, near as I can tell. Which means, if you're a bit of a moron as I am and aren't fluent in html, things like adding pics and changing font size and color are gonna be a chore. The good geeks at Blogger are pestering me to switch to some new-fangled template (which I did for a few minutes) and the whole structure of this page was flushed. I freaked and back-pedaled as quickly as I could.

I'm back to the old template for now, but posting aint as easy as it was just, like, the last time I posted. I'm pissed. If you blog here and are considering upgrading to the beta version...I'd think twice.

Comsumed By Christmas

The countdown is on and here's the part of the season that I dread. It's "Keeping Up With The Joneses" and "How To Be A Patriot" and "Save The Economy" all rolled into one big marketing burrito - with a side of "The Baby Jesus", just for good measure.

The pressure to spend, spend, spend is intense. I'm already hearing from friends and co-workers how relieved they are that they are done shopping. Done? Good grief, I haven't even started! The local news will remind you nightly how many days are left to fight the crowds. The hosts on the Home Shopping channels are twitching and barking at us like they are on crack.

What if we spent a Christmas just telling our friends and family how much we loved them, found a quiet ritual to express our spiritual beliefs, and decided not to bother blowing money we can't afford to spend by buying each other stuff we don't need?

I suppose The Economy would tank, we wouldn't be good Americans, and the nextdoor neighbors wouldn't think we were cool.

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