Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!

I swear to God, I don't feel this old. I'm very immature for my age. Have you noticed all the celebrities that have been dying lately? I've been thinking about them the past couple of nights, lying in bed, listening to my heart beat in my ears, listening to my breath rushing in and out of my chest. I suspect the older I get, the more I'll be aware of people dying around me, wondering when my time will come.

Some people get all partied up on their birthday. I get quiet. Like on holidays that I love, I turn inward on my birthday and get all introspective and shit. I'm not this way out of depression or anything negative. I'm not at all bummed that it's my birthday. I guess I'm just amazed. Time is ripping past me. Fact is: it's ripping past us all.

How old are you? Do you feel that old?

I open my arms to the Universe and acknowledge, with gratitude, the time I have spent on this planet. I'd like a little more, please. It feels like I'm just getting started.


Bigg said...

Happy Birthday, Jimmy! You know you always have my best wishes, ya big lug. Have a virtual hug from me to you -- wish I could give you a real one!

Melissa said...

Sugar!!!! Happy birthday! I had no idea. I'm so glad you said something though.

I hope today was super fantastic.


Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday...Ilove ya!

Tom Dougherty said...

Happy Birthday, Jimmy! Many more to come, and the best good wishes for the coming year.