Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Kind Words

Hi, just wanted to share something that happened here at work.

I have to interact with many different personality types in my job. I guess we all do, as we make our way through the world, come to think of it. But, I pride myself on being able to get along with people. As a PeoplePleaser, I strive to make whoever I come in contact with relax and connect with them, ya know? Yes, I want everyone to like me. It's a sickness. But, you probably know this about me already. No news for most of you reading this.

But, I've had to deal with a new client this fall. We have launched an "Education On Demand" channel on the cable system. This is a channel that offers programs about everything from being a smart shopper, to communicating effectively, to basic math and history courses. There is programming aimed at children and teenagers as well as adults. Lots of different kinds of stuff on this channel, and the idea is that, for 99 cents, a viewer can click on a program, watch it, and learn about stuff. How to take tests, how to buy a digital camera, the origin of Kawanzaa, that kinda stuff.

The person I have to deal with in getting this content onto the channel is a Ph.D. by the name of Amanda. I am her main contact with the company. Well, that's not completely true, she deals with the Director of Programming with things contractual. She calls me to have me explain how the Video On Demand system works, what the most efficient way to roll out content is, what I can do to make things easier for her, what she can do to make things easier for me, and how we can make her vision of Smarter Couch Potatoes a reality. If we can build a good model here locally, the plan is to roll this channel out to other divisions regionally.

I'm kind of intimidated that she's a Ph.D., okay?

Well, she calls today to ask me some questions, and I do my best to be helpful. In the middle of our conversation she stops me.

"Can I ask you a question?" she asks.

"Sure", I reply.

"Do you write? I mean, are you a writer?"

"A writer?" Suddenly I'm worried that she has found my blog and is about to scold me for my foul language when I post here, or ask me to be a little less gay on the internet, or something.

"Yes, you have such a wonderful way with words, I just figured you were a poet or wrote on the side."

"Shit! Wow! What a nice thing to hear. No, I'm not a writer. But thank you for the compliment." I think I blushed right through the phone.

See, I'm pretty insecure about the fact that I never finished college and got my degree. I don't have a bunch of regrets in my life, but I think that may be one of them.

Well, anyway, I've been kind of floating in air all day since.

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