Friday, January 19, 2007

The Silver Lining

I'm mostly all better from my bout with whatever the hell was going on with my guts all week. I got sick last Thursday, and regained my humanity somewhere around Wednesday. And, by "humanity", I mean bowel control, okay?

This was one long week, let me assure you. Fortunately, it occured over a long holiday weekend followed by a day off from work due to the Great Texas Ice Storm of '07. That's five days of gastro-intestinal Hell while only burning one measley sick day, people. Coolio.

And, for as awful an experience as it was, I am reaping some unexpected benefits from this little dance with Death. Such as:

*My bank account looks exceptionally healthy since I haven't spent money on food all week.

*I've dropped enough weight that my nagging backaches have miraculously vanished.

*My bloodsugar levels RAWK!

*I'm wearing my skinny pants from the back of the closet again.

I'm so pleased, I have re-committed to watching my caloric intake with new vigor. No, we won't call this a "diet", we'll call this "making sensible menu choices". Like, I had a piece of grilled salmon with brocolli at a departmental lunch today, drank water with a lemon wedge, and waved away a piece of complimentary cheesecake. Be gone, you have no power here, I said.

I'm also wearing a new shirt, so I'm feeling all handsome and shit. Good grief! God help the next person who tries to get frisky with me. I'm ready to pounce!

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