Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday Mop Up 01/14/07

Yes, I'm still alive. Barely. Today is Day Three of jimmycity's "Mutiny In The Bowels Of Bounty", and there appears to be no end in sight. pun intended.

I shall spare you gentle readers with details of the carnage of the past several days. In fact, maybe I should apologize for "over-sharing" in the previous post. Maybe, but I won't. This is the stuff of real life. I doubt that there's anyone out there who hasn't experienced something like this. By writing about it, perhaps I have reminded you of some situation of your own. So, maybe we're a little more connected, more bonded, you and me. Or, maybe you're just grossed out. Fair enough.

This week's Mop Up is brought to you by Gatorade.

Gatorade: What in the Hell is IN you?

The Ice Age

The big ice storm that has been predicted for about a week now, seems to be preparing to wreak havoc here in the Lone Star State. Yep, the monster arctic air mass has met some serious moisture in the atmosphere and Central Texas is about to get glazed like a donut. (Mmmm...a glazed donut would be nice with my coffee right about now...)

Let me state for the record right now that I welcome such a storm. We live in a world of technological miracles. We are more comfortable and spoiled than any society has ever been. But, guess what? Mother Nature can still kick our puny human asses! Let events like this remind us that there are forces out there bigger than our Egos. Let your shivering and discomfort be an acknowledgement that We are not the center of the Universe.

You should hear the bitching and moaning and groaning going on right now down here. I cannot abide people who make a living complaining about the weather. And, if you stop to pay attention, the same ones griping about how cold it is now, are the same babies that whine all summer long about how hot it is. Please, people: shut the fuck up. Here's some suggestions: layer your clothing, sleep in a pair of socks, and, for the love of God, stay off the roads. Texans can't drive for shit in RAIN let alone ICE. Stay home. Have some soup. Shut up.

Meanwhile, enjoy the fact that your nipples are erect and offer someone you love a butt rub.

Beardom Explained

While wandering around other folk's blogs this past week, I was pointed to a really well written article on what a "bear" is and means, in gay culture. It was written by Andrew Sullivan clear back in 2003, but it is, so far, the best explanation of the phenomena that I have come across yet. If you are interested, the posting is here.

Dave's Video Vault

I have forced my taste in movies upon this man many times. And, this weekend, as retribution, he has forced his on me. I am struggling to get through a favorite of his, while laid up in bed, with my guts percolating like a Mr. Coffee machine gone berzerk. I watched about 45 minutes of Terror Firmer yesterday, and had to hold my ears closed to keep my brains from leaking out of my damned skull. I will watch the rest today and Vengeance, sayeth The Dave, is his.

[Late Edition Addition: Okay, I really should have held off from commenting until I saw the whole thing in its completion. The fact is, what started off as completely stupid and inane chaos became fairly well thought-out and good-hearted stupidity in the end. It really took a long time for all the set-ups to be laid out for you before things began to reveal their internal logic, but once the dominoes started falling, you just sit back and marvel at the dedication to the "cheese factor" that this video exhibits. Did I enjoy the fat, fuzzy guy running through the streets of New York in all his full-frontal glory? Indeed. A bad movie, at its best. I get it.]


Anonymous said...

I like that movie, too. For a "B" rated movie, I think the humor of a blind movie director along with a twist of a hermaphradite killer is something creative for "B" movie lovers. Your buddy who lent you the movie, obviously has a sense of humor. Give the guy a break in regards to his taste in movies. You said in the beginning that you forced yours on his and now you're bitcing about it? You must be "sick"! Poor guy, and I'm talking about your buddy who just wanted to make you laugh. Freak! HA!

jimmycity said...

Thanks for the cinematic insight, Ebert!

Actually, far from "bitching" about it, I was merely pointing out that since I have made him endure things I like, I am more than willing to repay the favor. Our friendship is strong enough that I know I can kick my legs and squeal in disgust, and it's no reflection on my love and admiration for the man.