Thursday, November 15, 2007

jimmycity In H-Town

Hello. Yes, I am in Houston. I'm here for three days to determine if I am going to accepted for gastric bypass surgery. I'm holed up in a Homestead Suite with my laptop and blackberry. The wireless connection in the room is lame, I can't fire up my webcam, or download music or porn, but I will survive. These suites have a li'l kitchenette, so I bought some diet drinks and hit the Taco Cabana (a step up from Taco Bellch), so I had a breakfast this morning of two chicken fajita tacos and a Diet Coke. The bed in this room makes me appreciate my new mattress at home. This thing feels like I'm sleeping on a big square of jello with mystery fruit in it. (Does that feel like a big ass grape, or a smallish orange section?)

Lumpy and wiggly, is my point.

I spent 2 1/2 hours at an orientation last night, hearing stuff I already knew -because I've been to these things before - and was reminded of one good thing about these 'get-togethers": for once, I'm never the largest guy in the room! Now, please don't think I'm all competitive and shit about such things but, trust me, if you are used to going places and being the largest object (besides the furniture) in a given place, well when you aren't, you kinda NOTICE it, okay? All in all, I was with "my peeps", who were sweet and interesting, and excited, and nervous...just like me. I even carefully watched cased several burly bear-types. Sorry to report that the hottest guys were wearing wedding rings, or brought the wife along. [heavy sigh] That's cool.

Today I meet with the surgeon, Dr. Garth Davis: awesome guy. He, along with his father, spoke to the group at orientation last night. I'm not sure what all happens at the consultation today so I'll fill you in later.

My appointment is in less than an hour, so I've gotta get going.


Sue Doe-Nim said...

Fuck fuck fuck!


Kanye West just lost his mother to a doctor who had TV Shows and did seminars.

Please please please don't go to a doctor who feels the need to run seminars or be on ridiculous TV shows that cater to our basest fears.

Please, I know nothing about this doctor except that he's idiot enough to show up on shit ass TV shows.

Seriously, I'll give you my home number, call me collect. I'll talk you out of it.



Teri said...

I know those doctors from their Discovery show "Big Medicine".

Good luck.

found my way over from Dick's blog since NOTHING is going on over there.

Ice John's World said...

Good luck, Jimmy! Hope that it will go well your way.

jimmycity said...

Sue: Oh, my sweetie! Did you SEE pics of Kanye's mother? That woman was NOT a morbidly obese person!

I got your email, and I will respond as soon as hotmail's servers put their heads out of their hard drives.

Teri: Interesting show, huh?

Ice-John: Thanks, man!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Jimmi..did u get my mail btw?