Friday, November 09, 2007

Okay, Seriously, Here's What's Going On...

1. Just finished painting the master bedroom. Went from a stark, cold white, to a warm and glowing honey/wheat color. Had a friend help me. Took all week. We painted naked and would get a single wall done, and then "celebrate" (nudge-nudge, wink-wink, say no more!). Dude, I HAVE my priorities! I'm so happy with the change, that I'm considering doing the guest bedroom (where I sit at the computer) during Thanksgiving week. We'll see if my buddy is "up" for it...

2. I have a series of appointments at United Methodist Hospital in Houston next week (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) to determine if I am an acceptable candidate for gastic bypass or lap-band surgery. I still haven't firmly committed to which procedure to have, and I'll explain it all another time, but I am friggin' PSYCHED that this is going to happen. Although I will probably lose the friends I have who like me as a big, fat fag... I am more concerned about my health and quality of life. Ya know, if you don't want to be my friend because of the change in what my body looks like, you were really never my friend anyway. Piss off.

I'll probably take the laptop and blog about the experience while in Houston. By the way, my surgeon is Garth Davis, one of the two doctors from the tv show "Big Medicine", which was on Discovery Channel and now is on TLC, I think. More about it all later!

3. My mother called the other day and has gotten her fanny in a financial hole. The woman lives beyond her means. It makes me crazy. But, she was sweet and frightened and I ended up loaning her a thousand bucks. I was so upset afterwards (cuz, I really don't have that kinda cash to throw around) that my spastic colon kicked in, and I had diarrhea the rest of the day.

TMI? Yeah, I figured.

It's Friday, people! I expect everyone to get naked with someone else by day's end. Understood? I mean it.


g-man said...

If I wasn't going to my sisters house I'd be all over that naked thing. (especially since my wife is having her friends up for the weekend, now there is a naked good time!) Ok fantasy over.

Losing weight will make your dick bigger. (I'm sure your fiend will appreciate that ;)

You should take pictures. (Walls not you dick)

Chaylene said...

Now that's my kind of painting!

Good luck with the surgery. Don't worry, you'll still be a "bear at heart".

Ice John's World said...

Sound like you had some fun time in home improvement! Good luck to the appointments. Hope that you will get the chance to receive that procedure to help your health condition.

Anonymous said...

Got my love back from hospital yesterday,so it was so nice to snuggel upp to him in bed :)

Why go to such a drastick prosedure? My stephdad lost 60 pounds on lowcarb...he said it wasnt hard att all. Hes still at it btw.. not only did his weight come down. Hes bloodpresure stabelized too:)


G-man: Are't u pleaced with his dick?? How rude!!

Mel said...

I'll still think you are cooler than hell surgery or not.

I have struggled with my weight all life so I understand!! And since I do have poor health I agree with trying to get healthy any way you can! I would consider it but its risky for me to have any surgery. Let us know which one you decide. I like the band idea.

jimmycity said...

g-man: What is said in jimmycity, stays in jimmycity - but with enough of your wife's friends, I bet you could re-do the whole house!

Chaylene: I agree, I'll be grumpy and grouchy and hairy no matter HOW much I weigh!

ice-john: Thanks. Yes, it's all about quality of life at this point.

Ravn: I don't expect someone who hasn't struggled all their life with weight issues to understand, but some people don't lose weight as easily as others. Trust me when I tell you that I'm not taking such a "drastic procedure" lightly, my friend.

Mel: Your compliment was about the sweetest thing anyone has said to me on this topic. Thank you for that! I think you are pretty friggin' cool as well!

Anonymous said...

I dont meant to insult u...sorry if I didnt make myself clear..For all I know u tryed steph dad tried all the diets i the world he claimed...and this one did it for him! But all people are different...

Now just because I'm young it doesnt mean that I cant be emapathick too other peoples troubles..I realy do wish you the best of luck..hope u know that:)

Love Ravn

jimmycity said...

Ravn: I was not insulted by your comment, and I hope my reply didn't read as grouchy or uptight.

By the way, I checked out your blog. I'll be dropping in from time to time now!

Anonymous said...

Aaaawww thats sweet :) hope u understood some of it:)