Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday MopUp 11/18/07

Look, I can't do this today. I've tried several times to start a post, and it just implodes on me. I am currently upset about knowing that I have some critical eyes reading what I write, and it's fucking with my head, man.

I'm wondering if I have sabotaged myself, and this silly little piece of personal fluff that means so much to me, by not keeping my writing completely anonymous and "underground" from my real life.

Next week is a short week at work. Monday and Tuesday, and then I'm off. I'm still unsure if I will have to hit the road to hang with family for Thanksgiving. I'd rather not, this year. The last thing I want to have to do is face the mountain of food that this holiday brings. I don't need the pressure, ya know?

For those who don't know me very well, let me tell you that Thanksgiving is BY FAR the best holiday of the year. No, I'm not talking about food. I just LOVE the concept of taking a day to focus on all of the blessings you have in your life and just shut the fuck up with the whining fer once and be GRATEFUL. Say "Thank You!" to the Universe. Look around and realize how fucking GOOD your life is, dude!

So, jimmycity just wants to remind you to take time on Thursday to be quiet and reflect upon all that you have and all that you love. Go inward. Take a deep breath and listen to the air as you expel it from your lungs. Savor the silence and the shutting up for a minute. Be sure and say "thank you".

Isn't it awesome?


Anonymous said...

We dont celebrate thanksgiving here in Norway..too bad.
I think it sound wonderfull.So maybe I should introduce it to my family and friends? I'm sure they will enjoy it! And besides having a feast in the dark of november sounds like a great idea..just hope we're upp to it..a day or two without pain would be grate now!!

love Ravn

Mel said...

I too love thanksgiving its a family holiday without the whole gifting pressure of christmas!

My blog is private, no one from my real life knows. My daughter found it once but luckily she is ADD and too self centered to find it again LOL. Hubby knows about it (he is here when I write it) but I dont think he reads it much. It does give me more freedom. You could start another one annoymously. Just nake sure you invite me :)

Ice John's World said...

Thank you for the nice post, Jimmy. Happy Thanksgiving!

Sue Doe-Nim said...

oh darlin' thank you

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim!!! I'm back! I missed you, you sexy beast! grrrr...

jimmycity said...

Ravn: Surely you've heard of the holiday...with our Pilgrims and pumpkin pie, haven't you?

As schoolchildren, it is the holiday when we learn about how Europeans colonized the "New World". It was a rough time, back then, and I suspect our forefathers would have perished without help from some Native Americans. But, I like to focus on the personal aspect of Thanksgiving. For me, it's all about Atonement, Humility, and Gratitude.

Mel: I should have kept thing thing completely under wraps, I guess. No way I'm starting over, though!

Sue: I'm dying to know if you do the "slaving over a hot stove" thang for your family's holiday. My guess would be that you not only do, but that you do it in serious style.

Dick: Welcome home, buddy! To say your fans missed you is a ridiculous understatement.

g-man said...

Yeah, I often ponder writing a purely anonymous blog, but then I think who would read it?

I like Thanksgiving too, we should have one 3-4 times a year!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ice John, is that a new profile pic of yours??? Maybe not, it's just that I don't remember you looking as stunningly handsome before. As I do now. I mean, I have been away for awhile....

jimmycity said...

g-man: In a perfect world, we'd treat EVERYday as Thanksgiving, huh?

Dick: Well, I see you're back and in fine form, without missing a beat!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sure...I live in Norway..not on the moon:)
So maybe we'll just adopt thanksgiving:)

Yey, Dick !! :D

Sue Doe-Nim said...

Am I that predicable?

Not cooking for the first year in 12 and it's weird.

I sure do hope I'm not the critical eye.

thechubbyavenger said...

Don't let them censor you. if you let them censor you, they win.


jimmycity said...

Ravn: One of the things I will be sure to think during Thanksgiving is the wonderful friends I have met and made through this blog. That certainly includes you, buddy!

Thank you for checking in with me here!

Sue: Not you, sweetie! Critical? pffft! I've felt nothing but support from you!

(I KNEW you knew how to rock a Thanksgiving dinner! But, why not this year?)

Chubby Avenger: No one wins when feelings get hurt. I'm as guilty of that as anyhone, and I know it.

Anonymous said...

you are so sweet:)