Thursday, November 29, 2007

This, Too, Shall Pass!

For what it's worth, please note the little quote in my last post says specifically "anything EXTERNAL". I am keen to point that out now, as I have become seriously involved with a kidney stone, lodged somewhere between my kidney and bladder presently.

Pain? Oh, my friends FUCK yes, and I haven't even gotten to the stage where it travels from my bladder, through my urethera, and out. Kidney Stone World Tour 2007. That, without a doubt, will be a truly memorable adventure.

I spent yesterday in the ER of the hospital trying to figure out why I was cramping and had such abdominal pain. The CT scan showed us (the doc and me) why. It's small, 2cmx3cm, and there is only one of them, but it is really fucking with me.
[generic pic pulled off of Google Images. Mine will be bigger, it seems.]

I've got a bottle of Vicodin for the pain, and a jar of phenegren for the nausea (yep, this kinda pain makes ya puke), and a couple of strainers that everyone wants me to pee through, hoping to catch the little bastard. Now I just chug as much water as I can and wait to give birth to a chunk of mineral. yipee.


Sue Doe-Nim said...

Dude, call me when it's an 8 pound baby rollin' through town.

No, seriously, I hear those are the worst of the worst. My girlfriend took morphine for hers.

Ice John's World said...

Sorry to hear about the kidney stone. It must extremely painful. Hope that the stone will get out as soon as possible.

Dick Small said...

Sorry Jim! If it makes you feel any better, I love you.
Btw, when you pass the stone, take a pic and post it.

Anonymous said...

You poor thing...dont u have anybody there to comfort u and stroke youre forehead?

I'm not feelin so hot myself..had a brief vissit to the hospital.
Home again now..but feelin like shit and my bf is still there...

*sigh* merry x-mas..

Love Ravn