Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Mop Up 11/11/07

Yes, it's that time again, when I sit down with a bucket of coffee, a li'l somethin' to nibble on, and I spend some time catching you up on what is going on whilst I juggle some household chores and get all domestic an' shit. I call it "Sunday Mop Up" and it goes like this:

Bear Party

[ -11/13/07- This section has been deleted, due to claims of inaccuracies, exaggerations, and rude commentary by the author (me). None of which were my intentions, by the way. Well, sure I can admit to exaggerating, because I don't think I've ever blogged and not exaggerated. Seriously.

The fact is, I had a great time at this party, but somehow managed to hurt some very nice people's feelings by writing about it. This saddens me greatly. I hope to have the opportunity to speak with anyone who feels slighted and try to explain myself. I began that process this evening.

Let me be clear here. I am very sorry if I offended anyone in this original post. Very sorry, indeed. ]

Feng Shui

With the painting of the master bedroom walls last week, I thought I would move the furniture around a bit and de-clutter the room. I have an armoir made of teak that I use as an extra closet which I intend to convert into an entertainment cabinet (holding a tv, dvd player, telephone, and a place to stash my gay sex stuff), so I kept that in the room, but angled it in a corner, so that you can lie in bed and open the doors to see the tv (which will eventually be a 32 inch, flat panel, LCD HDTV- do ya hear me, Lord?). A small teak end table was moved away from the bed and across the room. This table holds an oriental lamp and my clock radio. Nothing else. I need my alarm to be out of arm's reach from the bed, or I just turn it off in the morning and roll over and continue to sleep. I know, I'm a slug. My laundry hamper is now over by the bedroom window. And that is all that is in my room now. The main thing is that I moved my bed and black laquer chinese screen (that I use as a headboard) from off of the south wall to the north wall of the room.

When my sister heard this, her comment was "Oh, that's GOOD feng shui! Sleeping with your head to the north will give you MUCH better rest at night!" I told her she was ridiculous, and laughed it off.

Since moving the bed, I have woken up every morning more fully refreshed than I have in YEARS.

I'm not finished with the room. Besides putting the entertainment center together, I need some cool artwork on the long, south wall, and a nice piece over the small table as you enter the room. My closet in that room also needs a complete overhaul, if I am going to stop using the armoir as closet space. I'd like to buy one of those closet organizer systems, but holy HELL they are expensive!

I'm also going to start reading about this feng shui shit.

[Intermission as I refill the bucket o' coffee, and swap some laundry downstairs]

I'm back with a bowl of clam chowder and more coffee. Man, I love Sundays!

It's The End Of The World As We Know It
(And I Feel Sick!)

My friends know that I love a good, goofy little song, and a buddy of mine sent me a link to a music video by a guy on YouTube, singing a song about lesbians eating each other's shit and vomiting on each other. Despite the subject of the song, the arrangement of the tune, as well as the performance, was quite sweet. But, along with the video was a link to the video that the guy wrote the song about, and I made the unfortunate decision to click on that link and witnessed a video that is certainly the most disgusting, disturbing, and vile video clip I have EVER laid eyes upon. It was, indeed, a clip of two lesbians involved in some scat rituals that, seriously, should be removed from the internet immediately.

Do any of you know of the infamous pic of goatse? Dude, this video makes that look like Saturday morning cartoons.

At what point does free speech turn into free rein to do nothing more than frighten and sicken the public? Is everything and anything acceptable to exhibit? Look, I'm a bleeding heart liberal and all, but MY GOD, this is the most heinous thing I have ever come across, and I have to worry about innocent, immature eyes finding such a thing out on the web.

This is like a sign of the Apocalypse, or proof that Satan is real, when a "Caligula - The Home Game" kinda video is the current YouTube rage.

I have no intention of sharing a link to this with you. If you wanted to dig for it, I'm sure you could with the little bit of info I have posted here. Trust me, you do not want to see this.

For all I know, these kinds of sex rituals have gone on for centuries. Still, sharing them for anyone to see on the internet is just friggin' WRONG.



My glasses. Again.

If you should stumble across them, please mail them back to me, okay?



Laurie said...

I have MISSED YOU!!! Where have you BEEN????

It's Elle, from BeautyandtheBeer.

Come back.

jimmycity said...


You rocker!!! I miss you terribly, but got left behind when you changed your web address. Please, woman, send me a link to your new home so that I can blogroll you and share your foul mouth and super shankdom with the fine folks who read me!

People, this woman is a national treasure and once she hits me with her new addy, we can all bask in her Gloriousness! That's right, I said it.

Mel said...

You have been so busy!

When I lose my glasses I have to enlist help to find them because I cant see to look for them :)

Ice John's World said...

Nice to hear that you had some good time in the party! So, you are starting to do some research on Feng Shui thing. Mabybe you can share some good tips with us.