Sunday, April 29, 2007

Not Exactly a WorkOut, But Certainly Hard Work

Spent from 10am until 6:30pm Saturday trapsing through car lots in dealership after dealership, looking for just the right truck. Baked in 90 degree weather under the Texas sun, and test drove about 10 different vehicles. Walking? Indeedy-do. Then, when I found the truck of my dreams, I spent an hour cleaning out the cab of my old truck, preparing to turn it over as a trade-in. Add to that the emotional rollercoaster of haggling with salesmen, their sales managers, and finally a sonovabitch finance guy, and I was damn near dead by sundown.

What I'm saying here is: no trip to the gym, but still lots of activity.

AND, a brand new, 2007 F-150 supercab truck with a V-8, 18 inch chrome rims, chrome grill, and chrome running boards, power-package and SWEET two-tone paint job ("dark stone" and "pueblo gold") now sits in my parking spot. 0% financing. Don't hate.

FOOD: a roast beef and cheese sub at 3pm at the dealership and two tostadas and a Burrito Supreme at about 8pm. Drank water all day but knocked back a Diet Coke at dinner. Not great, I know.

Today will see me meeting with my bear buddies at a BBQ joint for lunch. I will focus on lean brisket and the vinegar-dressed slaw they offer. If I breakdown and sample some pork ribs I won't beat myself up. I love those things.

The gym bag is packed and ready for the trip to the gym after that. A little "quality time" with a stationary bike is in order.


Pissed OFF Housewife said...

kvelling is the word.

I'm so pleased for you.

Anonymous said...

Vinegar based slaw is foul, but the grave is worse. Sampling the pork rips is one thing, sucking down one after another is a different matter entirely. One might wish to avoid temptation by not tasting them at all - only a suggestion, of course.

May I recommend that instead of getting the chromed mag wheels on the new truck that you get the stock wheels then take the money you saved and buy your own stationary bike?


jimmycity said...

Don't bother commenting here if you can't be man enough to identify yourself, buddy.

I already own a stationary bike, and the chrome wheels were important to me.

It's crap like this that I do not intend to abide and may shut down the comments section all together to not have to put up with it.