Monday, April 30, 2007

iPod, Therefore I Sweat

EXERCISE: Bought myself an iPod to help keep me motivated while I'm working out. Was so excited that I couldn't WAIT to get to the gym after work. Increased my time on the bike by 50%. Loved it.

FOOD: Lunch was at a chinese buffet: wonton soup, beef and broccoli, some sesame chicken, a scoop of rice and two mini veggie egg rolls.

Dinner was two grilled chicken breasts a la George Foreman, and a baked potato. Too tired to put a salad together.

That's alot of food, and I know it. But, trust me, I haven't eaten this sensibly in YEARS.

TMI MOMENT: I know I'm a fag and all, but I think my b.o. smells kinda good...


Melissa said...

When I joined the gym last year, they put me on a 2500 calorie diet that was about 70% protein. Apparently they were rebuilding me after the anemia and then feeding my muscles.

Midmorning and afternoon snacks were fruit, yogurt, nuts, some kind of lean protein or one of those protein bars. (After much trial and serious error I found the SouthBeach peanut butter and chocolate ones to be the best.)

3 meals a day and 2 snacks - keeps the metabolism fueled and moving.

Muscle burns calories twice as fast as fat.

Burning 3000 calories = 1 lb.

Your weight x 10 = the number of calories your body burns with zero exercise.

Seeing the math made it easier for me to deal with.

OH! What's on your playlist for the gym? I always need something to motivate me, at the moment it's Heavy D and Boys - Now that we've found love.

jimmycity said...

LCD Soundsystem, Pink, and Venus Hum are rockin my butt right now, but I'm still compiling tunes. I'll shout out when I find something new that trips my trigger.