Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday Mop Up 04/22/07

So, I'm all ready to close up shop here, take the shingle down, and call it quits. I listed the reasons here, and I feel good about my reasoning. I make the big announcement, and prepare for Life After Blogging.

Then, I get feedback. Leave it to someone just casually stumbling across my posted announcement, a person I have never heard from before, to not only blow holes in my alibi for quitting, but making a suggestion that hits me in the face like a 2x4. Thank you, Pissed Off Housewife. You humble me. And I accept your advice and your dare.

Starting on April 27th, this blog gets a serious facelift. The focus here will be my health and the challenge I face as I strive to get into some semblence of fitness. I will only post about my workouts, my caloric intake, and any results I gain from the hard work ahead. It aint gonna be pretty and, damn, I know it.

There will be no more commentary on current events, dumbass Youtube clips, or revelations about Life As A Hairy Homo. This blog will only serve as a way for me to be accountable to my committment to get healthier.

I suspect this will bore the living hell out of everyone, so don't be surprised if I disable the comments section so that I don't have to put up with any outside negativity about what I am doing. Besides, even positive comments could distract me. I'm easily distracted, you know.

By keeping the blog going, I will have a record of what I have, or have not, done. I will also have a portal to other blogs that interest me, which is important to me as well. If I am fucking off, I will be able to see it here. You will, too.

So, that's the plan, Stan. I'm as nervous as a whore in church about it. Maybe that's a good sign. I'm still making decisions about how this is all gonna look, but I'm cool with allowing it to develop in an organic fashion. I don't want to spend too much time on the details. Distractions, again.

The one thing I am sure of is that I don't want to continue dealing with the medical issues that I've been dealing with forever. I'm old now, and I'm not bouncing back as fast as I did when I was a kid. I know I'll never be a buff musclebear, but I sure don't want my diabetes and medical issues to take me down. I'm running out of time to get my shit together.

That I'll lose readers is a given. I honestly don't care (tho' I bet I still track you'se guys with StatCounter).

Whoa. Scary stuff.



Pissed OFF Housewife said...

I just blogrolled you to the fighters section.

I'm really excited to watch the shift to health.

Melissa said...

You are inspiring me. I quit going to the gym like two months ago, and now my back is getting bitchy with me. I start back tomorrow. Maybe I'll start posting my old workout calendar again.


Good luck, sugar.

jimmycity said...

You are blogrolling me, PO'ed Housewife? Yay, and oh shit!

Melissa, let's cramp-up together, darlin'!

Housewife said...

Yes, you'll have a much larger audience to watch you shrink.

I think it's cool.

But then again I run up hills even when no one chases me.