Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunday Mop Up 04/01/07

Remember how I tried to warn everyone last week that I was in a foul mood? Well, guess what?
Same deal this week, too, babies.

The Home Stretch

The wound care nurse who has her precious face in the hole in my leg every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday told me on Friday that this coming up week may see the last of the mechanical contraption that has been attached to my leg for over four weeks now. Has it only been four weeks? Holy SHIT, time drags the fuck ON and ON when you have a medical issue!


I am considering ending my bloglife once I hit my 1 year anniversary. Turns out, I have very little to say. And, if you don't blog yourself, I think you'd be surprised at how much time and effort it takes to keep at it.

But, those aren't the real reasons I may decide to chuck it all. The real reasons have to do with my dissatisfaction with what I am choosing to deal (or NOT deal) with here. I am trying to be real and honest and spontaneous and in-yer-face, and I think I am failing. WAY too often, I am NOT writing about something that has surfaced in my world because it may offend someone who I care about, and who may be reading the blog. I think I screwed up by announcing to everyone I know in "the real world" that I was doing this, instead of just doing it, and letting COMPLETE strangers in on what is on my mind. No, jimmycity is an attention-whore. And jimmycity may have sabotaged his little project because of that character flaw.

And, by the way, being able to shit on everyone is not the only reason I am considering quitting. Another is that I don't think I am putting myself, honestly, onto the page. I can't quite commit to telling you what I am actually like, although I hint around about it. No, jimmycity is a people-pleaser. Fuck, I'm going to be dealing with THAT issue the rest of my life!

At this point, I don't know. I'll keep you posted. Have a good week. Mine is gonna suck (except for possibly shedding the mechanical vampire, that is).

ps. I told ya I was still in funk over here!

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Melissa said...

As a blogger I understand the "Do I/Don't I" of what you reveal about yourself. I wonder a lot if I'm being disrespectful to Martha Stewart in writing about her life. It's difficult being 100% true to who you are on this medium...