Friday, June 22, 2007

Here's A Little Tip, Just Between Friends

Do yourself a favor and splurge by buying a complete new set of underwear sometime. The stuff isn't expensive (well, for guys, anyway), and it can really be surprising how retiring your old, tired shorts with new, elastically responsive infrastructure can, well, umm...affect your mood in a positive way!

I'm in a boxer-briefs phase right now (TMI? hmmm?), and when these things get worn out, they look pretty pathetic. The leg parts don't really stay where they are supposed to, and don't EVEN get me started about the slack in the waistband! Well, I have a whole stash of brand-new replacements now, and I think I might have just brought sexy back!

(...crickets chirping...)

Dear GOD, I'm turning into a freak! Really, I need to get laid or something pretty quick.

It's the weekend, people. Tear it up! Me, I'm headed to the "you-know-where". I know, I'm boring. I'll check in with you soon!

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Ice John's World said...

Jim, I like this post. This will be my first comment here and thanks for adding me to your links!Enjoy the new underwear and happy weekend!