Monday, June 25, 2007

The One Problem With All New Underwear...

The label on the waistband is hard and scratchy at first. Will continue to irritate until I've laundered them into submission. Meanwhile, I spent the weekend digging into my backside.

I may just rip the fuckers out.

Worked hard at the gym on Saturday, took Sunday off. Had, perhaps, the most delicious ribeye steak I've ever enjoyed in my life at my buds' house Sunday evening.

I'm heading for the gym in mere moments.

I've thought a lot about two friends out there in the blogosphere today, Bigg and Melissa. They are both going through some major life changes. If you're out there, you two sweethearts, just know I am thinking of, and loving, you both.

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Bigg said...

I love you too, Jimmy.