Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I'm The Decider

...and I've made a huge decision at my place of employ about me and my work environment. And The Decision is this:

No more blogging, either writing or reading, at work. Period.

This pains me, because I feel completely comfortable in assuring you, or anyone within my company, that I get things done at work. I can supervise and co-ordinate and facilitate like a champ, and still have my browser tucked in the background of my desktop, ready to spring open and catch whatever wonderment spills from my keyboard at any given time. Further, I can zip in and out of fellow blogger's lives adroitly while juggling the host of Real World duties assigned to me by The Man. Tasks that pay my mortgage and keep my refrigerator stocked. Multi-task like a multi-fucker, I can. But, that's not the point.

What IS important is that, when "on the clock" for Corporate America I should, and shall, give The Beast my UNDIVIDED attention. If I can truly juggle more balls, let them be company balls.

Truth is: I love my job. I love what I do (mostly), and I love the people I work with (generally). I am Grateful and Honored that I have been given some status and privilege, and feel I owe my employer my respect. So, no personal silliness during business hours.

And, let me tell you, people: this new rule is KILLIN' ME! Jesus, I'm addicted to my lifestyle of "drive-by blogging". I sit in front of my monitor, jumping between Access 2003 spreadsheets, Outlook email, and the user -interface for the metadata tool I use, and I'm seriously wondering how Bigg is doing, if Dick Small has posted another dumbass cartoon, and what silly shit is collecting on Overheard In New York today.

It's tough, but I'm restraining myself. Because it's the right thing to do.

Don't be surprised it you see a little less of me. I'll try to check-in before work, after work (like now), and on weekends.

Just know that I'm crazy missing being on all day, off and on.

[ insert Heavy Sigh here]

Meanwhile, here's a cartoon I lifted from Joe.My.God (who admits he got it from somewhere else) that, in light of all the Republican gay sex scandals, made me laugh.



Ice John's World said...

Come on, Jimmy, you know you miss our blogs! Resistance is futile. :) Just kidding. Isn't it ok to read some blogs for you during the lunch break?

Anonymous said...

Well you better come around once in awhile, at least. I can only go for so long....

Anonymous said...

You know, between your new "no blogging at work" ethic, and your new relationship, I'm never gonna hear from you, I just know it.
Well, at least I have Bill here to keep me company. What we have is solid and real.
He has nice, strong hands, by the way...

Mel said...

I LOVE that cartoon! I might steal it too :)

I dont blog or check blogs at work. We just got interner recently (yes it IS the dark ages in SC) and I really just dont have time to even try to blog. So I do my visiting and blogging before work, after and on the weekends. It works ok, I feel bad that I cant get to everyone on workdays but I do catch up on the weekends.

PLEASE visit Dick though, make him an exception. He'll whine and just be morose if you dont :)

jimmycity said...

John: I wish I had the luxury of being able to cruise the internet during my lunch hour, however it has always been an unwritten rule that part of my job duties is to take my boss to lunch every day. This sounds more grim than it really is - I have a wonderful and amazing boss. We get a lot accomplished at lunch, too. Sometimes we don't see each other at any other point in the day, so we hash out problems, strategize against other departments, and sometimes completely save the world while stuffing our faces during that time. It's cool.

Dick: Did you notice John responded to MY post? Don't hate.

Mel: Feel free to use it at will. It's what bloggers do! Btw, Dick "whines"? No way. Heh.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I "noticed that John responded to your post".... Well good for you guys. Congratulations. I'm glad you're so "tight"...