Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ummm, UNcastrate "Him"?

It's a link to the screaming twink/queen "Leave Britney ALONE!" kid. He calls himself Chris Crocker. If you haven't seen it, it'll make your eyes roll back in your head, whether you're gay or straight. The pathetic part is that this little piece of melodrama has had over 9 MILLION hits on YouTube in just over two weeks.

YouTube is the biggest internet phenomenon since Google. Equal parts Gong Show, American Idol, and America's Funniest Home Videos, it amazes me what people are willing to do to get a little recognition. Amost as bad as blogging, huh?

The last geek to catch our attention on YouTube was THIS GUY:

Does your gaydar go off with him, too? Mine sure does. Wretched freaking song. Seriously. Over 9 million hits for this trainwreck as well, but it's been around for about 5 months now.

But, back to Chris. Chris Crocker can bet his candy-ass that he's hit the Big Time when mainstream cable networks start making fun!

He was featured on Jimmy Kimmel, and Keith Olbermann, the Today Show (I think) and a slew of other media outlets. Here's another clip, from NationalLampoon.com:

If you haven't sniffed around YouTube, you really ought to try it some time. Just enter some wacked out topic, person, thought, or fantasy into the search field, and watch what pops up. I believe, and I'm completely disgusted to admit this, that we may be looking at the future of television here.


Mel said...

I love youtube, you can waste a lot of time on there!

Anonymous said...

Um, I don't really have anything to comment on this one, I'm just hanging out, if that's okay.