Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Of course you do. We all do. I dare say that any adult can remember what they were doing, and how it affected them on that day. No need for me to post a picture, No need for me to talk specifics. What a horror this day was!

Sit with the memory. Reflect on it. We'll be bombarded with the images by the media, it will be easy to want to filter it out. But, don't. Don't turn away.


Dwell upon it, not for political reasons, but for Humanitarian reasons. Hold it in your thoughts for Spiritual purposes. Reconnect with those feelings of Empathy and Compassion and Fear and Love for your fellow Man that this nightmare first aroused. Be there, then. Be here, now.

We are One, sometimes. We are One, always.




Ice John's World said...

Jim, thanks for the nice post.

Mel said...

well said.