Friday, February 08, 2008

I Have A DATE!

No, no, no, not a date "date"! I talked with the surgeon's office today and I have a surgical date for my upcoming lap-band procedure!

March 7th!

That is exactly four weeks away. Four weeks for me to scramble to get all my pre-op blood tests and x-rays done, get to Houston once more for another drs. meeting (and meeting with the anesthesiologist), and arrange for a week off from work. AND to get the last five pounds off. That last part should be easy.

I went to the clinic today and jumped on the scale and found that I'm down another pound and a half since last Tuesday. Not much compared to last week, I know. I'm hoping to crank that up to 5 by my next "official" weigh-in on Tuesday.

I'm excited!


Mel said...

wow less than a month away!!!! Its gonna be so awesome!

Ice John's World said...

Way to go, Jimmy! You are almost there!

kirby said...

Good luck.

Dick Small said...

... that's really all I got on this one......