Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday MopUp 02/10/08

It's Sunday and it's time for my weekly housework and I'm stunned to report that there isn't a whole bunch to do these days. Since I've stopped cooking in the house, the clutter and mess have become amazingly easy to manage throughout the week. Reports of biohazard sightings are way down. It's just me and my laundry and since I have to keep busy doing something other than eating during the week, the laundry is getting done surprisingly regularly.

If Oprah Says It, It Must Be True

Saw an Oprah show last week about the clutter in your house being a reflection of the clutter within yourself. There was a fag telling a fat family that in order to lose weight, they needed to clean house first. Now, I have to tell you, some of this spoke to me. Some of it made me roll my eyes, as well, but I do think there is an underlying grain of truth to the concept: your home is an extension of yourself. Organize it first, and you will be better able to organize yourself internally.

I've decided that I've got a MAJOR SpringClean ahead of me. Not that I have a filthy environment, but I have a garage and closets FULL of crap that I never touch and that is taking up space. I'm cutting that shit out of my life.

Good ol' Oprah.


on my diet. Yep. Friday I went to a combination KFC/Long John Silver's and ordered a grilled chicken breast and a fried fish fillet at the drive-thru. Gobbled those motherfuckers down boyeee, while driving in traffic, like a madman. It was a moment of weakness. {shrug} I needed to rebel, I guess. Probably fucked up my metabolism, and therefore my weight loss, for the week.

It aint the end of the world, I'm back on track, and I'm confident of my success going forward.

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You've been a naughty boy Jim. You need a spanking. Bend over.