Thursday, December 06, 2007

An Even Quicker Update?

I had the lithotripsy on Tuesday, spend all day today in bed. My pee went from cranberry juice-looking to a sort of blush. My kidney is still cramping and I'm guzzling water per doctor's orders and incontinent to the point of ridiculousness. I can't possibly go back to work for I shall, undoubtedly, piss my pants. I can't tell when I'm going to urinate, and when I do, man, it's painful.

My urologist says this is due to the stint (sp?) in my ureter that he placed to keep the walls from collapsing after he removed the stone. I may remain this incontinent until it is removed, which will be Monday.

Meanwhile, the memorial service for my sister is Friday afternoon, and I don't see how I can possibly fly in this condition. I sobbed like a baby when I told my mother and father over the phone tonight. They understood. We've all been doing a lot of crying.

If any of you out there think your death will not devastate the lives of the people who love you, I ask you to think again. You are cherished. You are loved. You will be mourned.

You are a Gift from God.


Dick Small said...

It's true. We are all a gift from God.
Even Pat Robertson.

Sue Doe-Nim said...

Is there really no way at all?

Funerals are for the living and you might find yourself in an awful way a few years from now.

Is there a friend that would drive with you?

Can you call the doc for some help?

Can they wait a few days? She's being cremated, right?

I'm just so sad for you and for your whole family. I send you so much love.


jimmycity said...

Dick: Yes, even as a lump of coal in your stocking is still a gift. Actually, he is a man who is loved by many and is doing as best he can in this world. He is human, therefore, he is a miracle.

I love that you are a "glass is half-full" kinda guy.

Sue: No time. The decision has been made and my family and I am comfortable in the one I made. They know I wish I were there.

Ice John's World said...

Sorry to hear that you have to under such a stress between your sister's funeral and your kidney stone procedure. My best regard to you, Jimmy.

g-man said...

If I though it would make you smile for a moment I'd make some kind of tie it in a knot joke. You will have your time to mourn with your family, it may just be later. Rest and heal.

Anonymous said...

I'm used to i know...

But the loss of youre sister on top of that is too much..
Sends u warm, healing thoughts...hope u recover quickly.

love ravn