Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I Feel HUMAN Again!

The stint is out of me (and, yes, fucking OUCH! when they took it out) and I am glad to be alive.

I worked a full day at the job today, and hugged two co-workers at different points, just cuz I'm so GLAD that shit is over.

I'm a hugger.

Not the most professional tendency at work when you are a supervisor. The guys I attacked kinda liked it today, though.

I'm drinking OceanSpray Cranberry/Blueberry 100% juice (no sugar added). If I could afford to bathe in this stuff, I would. Tommorrow I stop.

It's raining penises outside right now. Uh, maybe I mean that it's pissing down rain, or something.

I hope you love your life, too.


Anonymous said...

Glad's all well, Jim!

Mel said...

YEH! Glad you are better!

Ice John's World said...

Great that you got that s**ker out of you! Rest well and recover soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad youre feelin better:D