Monday, December 03, 2007

Quick Update

My parents are in Virginia tonight to say goodbye to their eldest daughter, before her organs are harvested and all life support is turned off and her remains cremated. My heart just ACHES for my folks!

I'm in Austin and spent the day at the urologist, where is was determined that the chunk of the Grand Canyon in my abdomen seems stuck, and unwilling to move.

Tomorrow, at noon, I have agreed to go through a procedure where Mohammad goes directly TO the Mountain and digs the nugget out. Blasting caps and mining helmets will surely be involved.

Won't be fun, but it will be over faster than the way things are preceding right now.

I'll post again when I'm feeling better.

BIG THANKS for all of your kind words and thoughts. You'se my peeps, and I loves ya.

And, seriously, does your family know how much you love them? I swear, it wouldn't hurt to tell them more often.


Anonymous said...

Oh u poor thing:(

Sends u all my best thoughts and hugs to get u through this...

I would pray for u too....but God and I dont agree very much anylonger since he took my babybro...

get well soon...all my love

Ice John's World said...

Best luck for your procedure tomorrow and sorry again about the loss in your family.